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woman with panda Evolution pillowIn a recent blog for City Room Stories, this self-proclaimed road warrior narrates how she had tried every travel pillow on the market, looking for some comfortable rest. “Some were better than others; none lasted long on my schedule. In general, their effectiveness was not worth taking them along with me on the road,” Maralyn Hill writes. “Then, I found one that actually worked and I love it – the Evolution Pillow by Cabeau.”

Like one who is truly smitten, Maralyn can’t say enough good things about her new love. “Made with ‘High IQ Dynamic Density Memory Foam,’ it provides 360 degrees of support and comfort. It also compresses to half its size to fit into a draw-string bag, perfect for tucking into purse or briefcase when landing,” she writes. She is especially fond of the duplex slide lock toggle feature, which can be adjusted for complete support. “If you are one of those people whose head drops forward when you sleep on a plane, you can turn the pillow around and it will stay in place,” she says. “The velour cover can zip off for washing and has a media pouch to hold an mp3 or cell phone.”

What’s most surprising is the Evolution Pillow’s unexpected use she discovered one day at home:as a cure for migraines. Maralyn explains, “I put the ice pack (covered with a wash cloth) on the back of the pillow, where it stayed in place while cradling my neck and allowing me to rest until that bugger was gone.”

But back to the Evolution Pillow’s intended use: travel. “I’ve tested it five times and will continue to use it,” Maralyn declares. “With the Evolution Pillow, the little sleep I do get on a plane is now much more comfortable – it is well worth the little space required to stow it.  I simply won’t leave home without it!”

Ah, nothing like true love. In fact, we’re so thrilled that Maralyn is head over heels with our Evolution Pillow that we’ve sent her a travel blanket to try on her next long trip. We’re quite sure she’ll fall in love all over again.

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