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Evolution product shot-beamsAfter receiving 909 entries in the final week of our “Win an Evolution Pillow™” Sweepstakes, we are pleased to announce that Martha Jamison is our 8th winner. Congratulations Martha!

In fact, congratulations to all 8 of our Sweepstakes winners: Yinka Reednolan, Jason Nickolay, Patrick Moran, Linda Knight, Jennifer Davis, Jennifer Davis, Marlana Pendley and last but not least, Martha Jamison. The “Win an Evolution Pillow™” Sweepstakes was a phenomenal success, attracting thousands of entries over 8 weeks, beginning in July.

We hope our Sweepstakes winners as well as travelers everywhere will enjoy hours of traveling comfort with the Cabeau Evolution Pillow™, the fastest-growing travel pillow on the market. Providing unparalleled head and neck support, Cabeau’s Evolution Pillow™ puts an end to stiff necks, bobbing heads and cramped, uncomfortable sleeping positions.

With a patented ergonomic design, the Evolution Pillow™ is made of responsive memory foam, has a media pouch, adjustable front toggles, and fits in its own travel bag that compacts down to 1/4 its size. Called by some the world’s best travel pillow, the Cabeau Evolution Pillow™ lets you reach your destination rested and refreshed. To see our entire line of amazing comfort travel products, visit the Cabeau website.

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