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TexasWant some comfort while going through security? Head to Texas. According to a recent article on, the Dallas/Fort Worth airport is trying to ease the stress of Transportation Security Administration checkpoints with couches, soothing music and other hotel amenities. The remodeling project is part of a three-month experiment in conjunction with SecurityPoint Media and SpringHill Suites by Marriott to see if checkpoints can be made any more comfortable.

The remodeling comes after years of stress and complaining from Americans concerning the process and policies of the TSA, including pat-downs and full-body scanners, the article states. A report last summer (2012) found that misconduct among TSA employees had increased 26% between 2010 and 2012. These issues have included everything from skipping crucial security protocols and sleeping on the job to inappropriate comments and abusive behavior.

While such acts were committed by a minority of TSA workers, the report only contributes to the TSA’s already damaged reputation in the eyes of the American public. However, the hotel-like amenities in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport aims to change that, featuring leather couches, colorful light displays, and large pictures of flowers, water and other soothing images. Television screens will also update passengers on the length of their wait in line. And once through the checkpoint, comfy red couches provide a place for passengers to sit while they put on their shoes, rather than the all-too-familiar hard metal benches.

Which just goes to prove that it really is true what they say, even at airport TSA checkpoints: Don’t Mess with Texas.

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