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carry-on bagsWe all know the drill: standing at the baggage carousel, dead tired, waiting endlessly for your bag to appear (if it ever does) and cursing yourself for checking rather than taking a carry-on. Time to end the madness! With a carry-on bag, you are in complete control of your luggage, you’re on your way much faster, and it will make you a better traveler. All you have to do is follow these tips from Wired.

Start with a Good Carry-on Bag

First, you need a maximum level carry-on bag to make the most of the space you are permitted in the overhead bin. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s versatile and comfortable: something that’s efficient to load, and with easy access to your electronics and personal items so you can zip through security. The requirements of the average vacation or business trip should be able to fit in your carry-on bag and a backpack or personal bag.

Don’t Pack the “Maybe” Pile

These are the items you lay out on your bed and consider packing. Many (most) are never worn, so leave them at home. These days, no matter where you go in this world, you will be able to find something if it is truly needed. Think of it as leaving some extra space in your bag for souvenirs. It’s a cliché but it’s true: When in doubt, leave it out.

Don’t Pack an Outfit for Every Day

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for five days or five weeks, you really don’t need a change of clothes for every day. You simply need to be prepared for every situation you’ll encounter. This means bringing versatile clothing and shoes: items that can mix and match, and be worn sightseeing and out to dinner.

Organization Makes Things Easier

Some people are rollers and some are folders, but what’s important is to stay organized. (May we suggest Cabeau’s Amazing Case for Tablets™ and Amazing Case for Electronics™.) Packing cubes are a fantastic way to organize your clothes inside your luggage. Not only will this help with the packing process, it’ll keep your clean and dirty piles separated. The Spacepak from Flight 101 even offers cubes that have storage for clean and dirty clothes.

Wash and Wear

Washing your clothes while on vacation is easier than you might think. Options: stop by a hostel and pay a few dollars to wash your own clothes, find someone to wash your clothes for you, or use a hotel laundry service.

Keys to Being the Perfect Packer

Always pack less than you think you may need, and stay organized. It will make your travel experience more simple, which is always useful in the complicated life of travel.

Bon voyage!

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