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Evolution product shot-beams

Incredible! Amazing! Bordering on fanatical! We could go on and on, but in short, the reaction to our Evolution Pillow™  at the International Travel Goods Show that ended yesterday in Phoenix was both overwhelmingly positive and overwhelmingly passionate. People simply LOVE this pillow.

The real question is why? It’s no secret that the big trend in travel right now is figuring out how to make the traveling experience more comfortable. From weary road warriors to students on a budget to harried parents with children, everyone is looking for products that can make traveling (planes, trains, and automobiles) easier on your body and more enjoyable. That’s exactly what our Evolution Pillow™ was created to do, and that’s why people are so excited.

People around the world have said our travel pillow is the most comfortable pillow they’ve ever used, because it puts an end to stiff necks, bobbing heads, and cramped, uncomfortable sleeping positions. Providing 360° head and chin support, its memory foam core comfortably molds to your face, and the front sliding toggles let you adjust the pillow to fit your comfort level. Want to listen to tunes without dropping or damaging your iPod or phone while you drift off to sleep? Take advantage of the media pouch on the side of the pillow, or use it to store the memory foam earplugs that are included. Even the soft velour outer cover can be removed, machine washed, and placed back on for germ-free comfort.

In addition to all of the unique comfort features, there is one that no other travel pillow on the market can claim: the Evolution Pillow™ also comes with its own carrying bag which can compact the pillow down to 1/4 its actual size!

Not convinced yet? Listen to what a visiting travel goods distributor from Panama said about our pillow: “I love this pillow! It’s soft and comfortable and it holds your head still so you can sleep. But the best thing about it is the travel bag, so it stays clean. At the end of your flight, you fold it up and put it in the little bag. I see all these dirty neck pillows being dragged around on planes…how can people put something dirty like that next to their face? Your pillow always stays nice and clean.”

Another distributor was just as impressed , saying “In the travel industry, you want to carry products that really work and do what they say they are going to do, so that your customers will buy them, like them, and come back to you to buy them again. Everyone I’ve sold your pillow to has loved it, because their customers love it, so they come back and buy more and more of them.”

Want to experience what true comfort feels like? Try our Evolution Pillow™. We guarantee you’ll love it!

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