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AboutWOW! Check out the raves from for our Evolution Pillow™, Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask and Fold ‘N Go Travel Blanket™! Luxury Travel reviewer Karen Tina Harrison told us: “I really like the Cabeau products. I’m a picky professional traveler, & I recognize quality when I see it.” On her Luxury Travel home page, she writes: “Flying coach, you’re the master of your own fate. You must do everything in your power to improve your flight experience. That means getting a better seat and carrying on what you need for enhanced comfort. In my in-flight kit:  the best seat accessories, by Cabeau: Evolution PillowMidnight Magic Sleep Mask, and their kitten-soft travel blanket.” Now that we’ve wowed, what about you? For the most comfortable travel of your life, we invite you to try our entire line of comfort travel products at

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