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Evolution product shot-blackRead what Jan Schroder, Girl on the Go, had to say about our Memory Foam Evolution Pillow™ in The Atlanta 100: “I actually felt rested after my longest flight, 16+ hours overnight from Atlanta to New Delhi, and attribute it to using the best travel pillow ever. The CABEAU Air Evolution is a double-decker inflatable pillow, and it’s those raised sides that support your head and make it so comfortable. The pillow is covered with a velour cover that makes it soft and is also machine washable. A media pouch on the side holds your smartphone or mp3 player. After use, just deflate and place back in the small pouch, about the size of a Coke can. $39.99 on Amazon.”

This is exactly what we designed our Evolution Pillow for (actually, all our Cabeau products)…to give travelers everywhere the most comfortable, restful travel experience possible. Sounds like with Jan Schroder (and thousands more around the globe), we succeeded!

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