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Suitcase with flag tagEver gotten to your hotel room and opened your suitcase, needing your suit and tie, only to be greeted by ladies’ underwear? Oh, and your business meeting’s in an hour. Maybe you grabbed the wrong black wheeled bag (which looks like every other black wheeled bag) on your way out of the airport. Or maybe someone grabbed yours. Either way, you’re in a pickle.

“As luggage has become increasingly indistinguishable, travelers have tried ever more ways to set their bags apart, like tying bright ribbons on the handle or slapping on fluorescent stickers on the side. Now, some companies and airlines are developing a digital alternative to the paper tag, not only to find lost bags, but also to make check-in quicker,” reports a recent New York Times article.

New technologies to prevent bags from getting lost or switched

The airline industry is scrambling to eradicate what is one of the biggest headaches of air travel—the lost bag. Airbus estimates that some 26 million bags are lost every year. While most are misdirected, airlines and customers say that a significant portion are taken by mistake.

Last year, British Airways conducted tests on a digital tag and hopes to have it available to customers by the end of this year, according to the article. The device is designed to create a hassle-free check-in experience and save travelers time at the airport. The personalized digital bag tag changes with the swipe of a smartphone to upload the traveler’s next destination.

Air France-KLM is following suit. Working with FastTrack Company, a technology firm based in London and Amsterdam, the airline is developing a tracking system that works through a smartphone app. “Our aim is to take the stress out of travel and put you in control of your bag,” David van Hoytema, a co-founder of FastTrack, told The Times.

The system consists of two devices. A digital luggage tag replaces the old paper version and a tracking device is packed inside your bag along with your possessions, telling you its location through a smartphone app. It uses Bluetooth when your phone is near your bag, and GPS and G.S.M. cellular technology when Bluetooth is out of range. You can use the devices together or independently, and they work equally well no matter which airline you fly.

Airbus is working on a suitcase with an embedded digital luggage tag that uses a cellular connection, called Bag2Go, plus GPS for tracking. It should be available in the near future.

An age-old solution that still works: make your bag stand out

Airlines advise that you should make your luggage look as distinctive as possible―ribbons, stickers, bright colors, whatever catches the eye and is unique. This not only discourages fellow travelers from walking off with your bag because it looks just like theirs, but it has the added bonus of helping speed you through baggage claim. Once you see your electric-blue bag covered with zebra-stripe stickers making its way around the carousel, you can quickly grab and go. Unless of course, someone else has one just like it.

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