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Evolution product shot-tropicWe have a new fan! “Sleeping on a plane is a pain in the neck for me, literally,” writes the blogger TRICKTHETRAVEL. “Even in a window seat with a pillow, I can’t find a position that supports my head well enough to avoid neck pain. At best, I am awakened over and over again; if that cycle continues long enough it turns into sore muscles that can last for days after the flight.  I have tried a number of different pillows; on a whim I purchased a Cabeau Evolution® Pillow, and I finally got a decent rest in a plane seat.” Music to our ears! We’re delighted to provide comfortable, restful sleep to travelers everywhere, especially this one.

In “The Amazing Cabeau Evolution® Pillow” article, the writer goes on to say:

“I have tried a number of different travel pillows in the past.  However, none of them have met my needs.  What I want from a pillow is:
1)  Neck support – it must be sufficiently firm to support my neck
2)  Feels like a normal pillow
3) Compact – I want to be able to hang the pillow off my bag and not notice it’s there

“This pillow can be found for $39.99 on the web, surprisingly at the airport it can be found for the same price. This neck pillow made of Memory Foam has high sides, providing more head support than a typical bead pillow. The memory foam also provides a more natural feel than most inflatable pillows. The outside covering is removable and machine washable. The clever snap and drawstring design let you customize the fit, and assures that the pillow stays where you want it. If that’s not enough, extra little design features like the ‘cinnamon roll’ storage bag (for compact carrying) and the side pocket demonstrate the attention to detail that went into this product design. I’m very pleased with the comfort and features of this pillow; now we just need something to help that poor screaming baby sleep as well…”

We’re afraid we can’t do much about the screaming baby, TRICKTHETRAVEL, but we invite you to check out and try our entire line of comfort travel products on our Cabeau website. Best wishes for comfortable, restful, enjoyable travels!

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