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Evolution Pillow CamoCabeau knows giving! Tomorrow, July 23rd, the entire Cabeau team will travel down to Camp Pendleton, the Marine Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility, located in North San Diego County, CA. Members of the Cabeau Team will have the opportunity to meet Marines stationed there and hand out 252 memory foam Evolution travel pillows in our newest print, The Camouflage Evolution® Pillow!

This will be a very rewarding and gratifying experience for all of us at Cabeau, not only meeting Camp Pendleton’s Marines but also being able to provide them with comfortable and restful travels on their future journeys. Cabeau’s Evolution® Pillow is a memory foam travel pillow that condenses into a compact travel size, providing comfort to those brave individuals serving our nation. Many thanks to the help of Volunteer & Skills Development Program Coordinator, Candi Heinberger, and Family Readiness Officer, Sergeant Kevin Rogers, for allowing us to visit Camp Pendleton and for making this very meaningful event possible.


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