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ID-100226208We’ve been there.

You’re half-way through your flight and four-year-old Kristy and six-year-old Tyler are cranky, hungry and tired. The seats are uncomfortable, you forgot the coloring books at home and it’s not looking good.

You dig through your carry-on bag, trying to find paper, pencils, and the crackers you swear you had packed before you left.
Meanwhile, Tyler pulls Kristy’s hair and the bickering begins.

Like we said, we’ve been there.

Family vacations can be a blast, but if you’re a parent, you know how stressful traveling with your little ones can be. We have found there are a few ways to keep your children happy and yourself stress-free with a little organizational know-how. Here are three ways to make traveling more kid-friendly:

1. Keep everything in one pack: Choose a bag that has ample space for travel essentials and on-the-go activities, including snacks, books, video games and toys. Try to select a bag with an outside pouch or a space for items that need to be reached quickly.
2. Keep things cozy: Napping is a must, especially for long travels. Having a blanket and/or pillow on hand can be a lifesaver for children who are in need of a comfy space to catch a few Zzzs. There are all types of travel blankets available that can be packed and unpacked in seconds.
3. Keep the sweets away: Fill your kids’ stomachs with savory snacks like cheese, crackers and apples and avoid sugar-packed treats like candy or Poptarts. Sugar tends to make children antsy and hyper, which is the last thing you want during a long trip!

Do you have any family travel tips? We’d love to hear from you. Share with us and other readers in the comments section!

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