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While many are flying off to exotic islands, quaint beach towns and otherwise escaping for the summer, some of us are planning to travel as a means of business rather than leisure. Having the right travel gear can eliminate a lot of the stress and hassle that travel requires, leaving you refreshed and prepared for your next meeting, conference or business pitch. Read on for three business travel must-haves:

3 Business Travel Must-Haves

business travel must-haves

  1. Portable Phone Charger: For many, being off-the-grid isn’t an option. Carrying a portable phone/tablet charger  is essential for staying on top of emails, texts and other business items while you’re away from your desk. There are many compact USB chargers available. Just make sure to charge it up, prior to leaving for your flight, or be ready to plug in and wait at a mobile charging station at the airport. (Shameless Plug: Our Universal Travel Adapter allows you to charge on-the-go, no matter what country you’re in.)
  1. Walking Shoes: You may rock stilettos or a pair of Oxfords at the office, but the last thing you want in high altitude (or worse, in a crowded terminal) is to be stuck in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Consider purchasing a pair of sneakers or slip-ons specifically for travel purposes. (Shameless Plug #2: Our Pocket Flats are the ideal balance for businesswomen who need to transition from travel pro to business attire the second they land).
  1. Practical Carry-On: Avoid a scramble for your passport, phone and other travel items by having a well-organized carry-on bag. Choose one that feels comfortable on your shoulders and has enough compartments for your usual travel paraphernalia. (Shameless Plug #3: Our new Cabeau Litepack is ideal for frequent travelers with plenty of space and room for wear-and-tear.)

What travel items can you not live without? Share with us in the comments section below!

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