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Plane travel can be exhausting, despite the fact that you’re sitting for most, if not all, of your flight.

Between the change in altitude and cramped quarters, it’s no surprise that the end of a long flight feels like the end of a mission. Add turbulence or screaming children to that list and you’ve got yourself the makings for a headache and exhaustion.

While we can’t magically create swank lounges a la the 1970s, nor can we teach you to apparate a la Harry Potter, here are a few tips for making your next plane ride a little easier:

Cabeau Evolution Pillow 1. Snacks: Bring along some light snacks to tide you over on the plane ride. After all, those chips the stewardesses are handing out could be stale, and what if you don’t like the meals they’re offering? We recommend dried fruit, cheese, crackers and nuts to help you feel full without that nasty food coma that happens when you eat too much.

2. Neck Pillow: Taking a nap is a great way to make the time go by when you’re on a long flight.
This is especially helpful on those red eye flights or when getting used to a time change.
If you have the misfortune of sitting in the middle seat, or the thought of leaning your head against a greasy window or headrest sounds unappealing, opt for bringing a neck pillow along.
Comfy, easy to carry and a personal bubble of sorts, your neck, back and brain will thank you.
(P.S. At the risk of sounding too sales-y, our Evolution Pillows are great for naps when you’re en route!)

3. Headphones: Some airlines will charge you to buy headphones. Others won’t. Either way, we can bet your Beats by Dre or Apple headphones will produce better sound quality than the cheap disposable headphones you receive during a flight. Plug into the on-flight movie, play around on your phone, or just zone out and listen to music! Headphones are a must when you want to escape the confines of your flight.

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Photo: Fit For Fab

4. Comfortable clothing: Unless you’re going to be bombarded by photographers or have a business meeting to be at stat, choose comfortable clothing for your journey.
This means no suits, dresses or tight clothing. Opt for a loose fitting t-shirt and comfy pants, along with sandals or worn-in sneakers.
You would be surprised to find what a difference a pair of jeans versus a pair of slacks can make!

5. Mints: Ever wake up from a nap on a plane feeling parched and gross? Popping a mint can refresh your breath and clear your mind during those initial waking minutes.
Added bonus: While everyone else is exhaling plane breath on their way down the aisle, you will have that minty fresh feeling so you’ll be ready to say hi to family, rock that business meeting or jump right into the fun, wherever you’re headed.

What do you like to bring on your plane flights? Tell us in the comments below!

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