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The Apple Watch has arrived and with it, a slew of new and improved travel apps. The CEO of Jet Blue already claims that the new watch will make travel stress-free. We’re inclined to agree.

Half the struggle of travel is keeping track of all the necessities: hotel key card, passport, boarding pass, and even your smartphone. The Apple Watch may be the hands-free, high-tech solution we’ve been waiting for. Here’s our round-up of the best travel apps for the new watch:

Photo Credit: Apple

Photo Credit: Apple

6 Must-Have Apple Watch Apps for Travel

  1. Delta:The best part about the Apple Watch? It’s a hands-free smart device. The Fly Delta app acts as your personal assistant, keeping track of departure and arrival times, and gate and baggage carousel information. You can also save eBoarding passes to the Passbook, so you can scan your boarding pass at the gate and continue on your way.
apple smart travel apps

Photo Credit: Apple

 The Apple Watch provides simplified app features

  1. Jet Blue:Similar to Delta, the Jet Blue app offers flight status notifications, scan your boarding pass, find your seat selection and earn gate goodies. Bonus: You can order items once on board, via Apple Pay.
  2. easyJet:The easyJet app is meant for international travelers. Along with the ability to search and book flights, update flight information and check the weather, easyJet also shares currency exchange information and capabilities in five different languages. They have also added a social component, so users can post to their Facebook pages with status updates.
  3. TripAdvisor: Get real time reviews on local tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and more. Just glance at your watch to check on the current hot spot in town, or save your favorites for future reference.
  4. Starwood Hotels:The new Starwood Hotels & Resorts app continues to keep things hands free with the ability to share hotel directions, check-in, and unlock room doors.  The app comes in nine different languages and is applicable to all Starwood hotels.
  5. Citymapper:  Urban travelers rejoice, your train, taxi and bus transportation schedules are now available via the Apple Watch. Citymapper keeps you organized with arrival and departure times, directions and other pesky travel details. Bonus: It even tells you how many calories you burn if you decide to walk or ride your bike.

As more airlines and other transportation services get on board with the new device, the Apple Watch may become the next must-have tech gadget for travelers. What do you think?

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