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We were reading this awesome article from Nomadic Matt with tips for new travelers, but we find these are practices we should incorporate as seasoned travel vets too.

Here are our top three tips from his list:

3 Travel Do’s 

Travel well, travel often

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1. Don’t live by the guidebook. 
Famous landmarks, museums and well-known “must do’s” are at the top of every tourist’s to-do list. But going off book and discovering a destination for yourself can lead to some of the most memorable and beautiful experiences you’ll have on your trip. Matt recommends connecting with locals and hostel staff for recommendations. Don’t be scared to throw away the book altogether and forge a travel adventure for yourself!

2. Go with the flow. 
This, more than anything, should be every traveler’s mantra. Things happen. Plans change. Matt recommends planning one or two activities and let the rest of the day unfold before you. Travel should be about exploring, discovering and relaxing, not having every minute of every hour planned out.

3. You are not alone. 
Whether you’re backpacking solo through Europe or embarking on a week-long cruise to the Bahamas, traveling by yourself can seem daunting. But the beautiful thing about travel, is the second you land at your destination you are part of a whole group of people on their own journeys. Matt says it best: “Wherever you go, there is a network of travelers who will be your friends, give you advice and tips, and help you out. You will make friends. Though you are traveling alone, you will never be alone.”

As you prepare for your next travel adventure, whether it’s your first or your hundreth, we encourage you to take these tips and live out your life to the fullest! Explore, experience and enjoy. Happy Friday!

P.S. Get Matt’s full list of newbie traveling tips on his blog!



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