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It’s always inspiring to see someone trek off into the world on their own, but some stories stand out more than others. Traveling 60 countries in 3 years is one of those stories.

Meet Walter Chang, budget traveler turned travel expert:

It’s not unusual for travelers to return home after a life-changing experience and long to get back on the road for the next adventure, but very rarely do they drop everything in pursuit of a new nomad lifestyle.

Walter, a New Jersey native, is the exception to the rule.  What started as an 8-month trip turned into a year, and then another year and finally, a third year. Perhaps the most amazing part of his tale is the expense: after jumping the corporate ship, he didn’t have to work a single day during his travels, and didn’t go broke in the process.

Watch his full journey in the video above and get inspired to save for your own amazing travels!


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