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Most of our travel accessories (the Evolution Pillow, Midnight Magic Sleep Mask, Fold n’ Go etc.) are designed to put you to sleep. After all, the epitome of travel comfort is being able to doze off comfortably during a long flight or train ride. Work the World shared a fantastic infographic listing 10 ways to fall asleep on a plane! Some of our favorite ways:

1. Dress For Success: There is NO shame in wearing sweatpants or yoga pants on your travels if it means a more comfortable journey. Throw on a pair of Fluffy Socks or Bamboo Air Compression socks for additional comfort.

2. Tire Yourself Out: The night before your flight, try sleeping a little less. Once you’re on the plane, your body is more likely to allow you to nap if it feels you haven’t had adequate sleep the night before. As someone who once pulled an all-nighter and then slept all 6 hours on the plane, I can vouch for this one.

3. Flip Your Neck Pillow: This isn’t necessary with the Cabeau Evolution Pillow, but in case you don’t have ours, try flipping your neck pillow so that the back end is facing your chin. When you doze off, your head will be supported as you naturally loll forwards. (Of course, when you wear the Evolution Pillow, all sides of your head are fully supported 🙂 )

Check out the rest of this helpful sleeping tips in the infographic below!

sleep on a plane infographic


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