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Jet lag business travel

Long lines. Delayed flights. Bad service. The travel struggle is real, for some, more than others.

The Pearl Source owner Leon Rbibo knew his twice-a-month international flights were taking a strain on his body. Continually booking and handling his own flights each month made traveling a constant source of stress in his life. To add to the usual travel hassles, Leon is 6’8″, making even the shortest plane rides uncomfortable when he got stuck in less than ideal (read: window seat) seats. To say he was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Then he found his ultimate travel hack.

Enter the travel agent.

Some may argue that travel agencies are unnecessary in the digital age, with websites like Expedia, Kayak and Travelzoo doing most of the research for you, but maybe, just maybe, having an actual human is the most effective hack of all.

Rbibo’s agent books him the best deals, the easiest routes, and even the best seats, based on his height. According to an article by Entrepreneur, a number of other travel-heavy business owners have jumped back on the travel agency bandwagon.

When we read Leon Rbibo’s story, we could instantly relate. Our own CEO, David is also 6’8″, and is a frequent traveler himself. In fact, it was his height-travel issues that inspired the birth of the Evolution Pillow.

Many argue that the travel agent is becoming irrelevant, but there are some things a computer won’t do (like secure the best seats for the taller-than-average traveler.) You might be able to plan your once-a-year vacation with ease, but for frequent fliers? An agent just might be a life saver.

What do you think? Are travel  agents still a necessity in the digital age? Tell us in the comments below!

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