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plane essentials we love but forget

Flight Essentials We Love (But Always Forget!)

You don’t have to be a travel expert to know what you should bring on a plane: headphones, a book to read etc. but there are some things you just don’t think about until you ABSOLUTELY need them. And then, of course, they’re nowhere in sight. Before you pack for your next flight, remember to bring these essential (but forgettable) items:

5 Flight Essentials We Love (But Always Forget)

1. Sweater/Blanket: Why is it that airplanes are always incredibly stuffy and warm before take-off, and then once in the air, ridiculously cold? Bring a sweater or a travel-friendly blanket with you on your next flight, especially if it’s a long one. Not only will it be easier to take naps, but you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted air conditioning.

2. Portable Phone Charger + USB: With so many airlines providing Wi-Fi and phone syncing options, there is no reason to leave your phone on airplane mode unless absolutely necessary. Avoid the airport charging stations and refill your battery at your own pace. Don’t forget to bring a USB to connect to the plane!

3. Water Bottle: Have you ever fallen asleep on a plane, only to wake up with your mouth dry and the flight attendant nowhere in sight? We’re all for the complimentary drinks, but we definitely recommend bringing a water bottle along for when you have a dry throat or feel the need to re-hydrate. Just stop by one of the kiosks past the checkpoint and pick up a large water bottle for the trip!

4. Snacks: Airport snacks are expensive. Bring dried fruit, crackers, string cheese and other portable goodies to munch on during long flights. You’ll thank yourself when you find out the bag of Chex Mix is actually $4.99 and not complimentary like you had assumed. (Speaking from experience!)

5. Travel Pillow: We never forget our pillows (we do make them every single day!), but for many travelers it’s a last-minute thought. Sometimes you can’t lean your seat all the way back, or you’re stuck in the middle seat. That’s when a travel pillow makes all the difference.

What are your travel essentials you can’t live without? Tell us in the comments below!

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