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Happy New Year travelers! 2016 is here, and we’re ready to make this one of the best years yet! If you want to start exploring new places and going on adventures more this year, we have 4 important tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

  1. Start a travel fund: Every time you receive a paycheck, put 5% away in a travel fund. The idea is that you’ll reallocate money you would normally spend elsewhere to make your travel dreams a reality!
  2. Be flexible: This is key in getting good deals and keeping the cost of your trip way down! Pick a place you want to go, but stay open-minded about the date you want to travel. That way, you can keep an eye out for transportation deals that come up when you might be least expecting it, and it’ll help you avoid going during peak seasons.
  3. Invest in good travel gear: Picture this: your best friend says they have an extra seat in their car for a cross-country road trip this weekend, but you don’t have anything ready to go. When that spur of the moment adventure presents itself, you don’t want to have to opt out just because you don’t have the goods to make it happen. Get yourself a sturdy set of luggage/duffel bag/backpack, travel toiletries and a travel pillow. With all of that on-hand, you can pack up quickly and travel in comfort!
  4. Don’t assume travel means far: Staycations or trips somewhere local still count as travel! You don’t have to fly 7,000 miles away to feed that wanderlust bug. Look for places in your home state or country that you haven’t been, and go!


Do you have any great tips for people that want to start traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

Cabeau on!

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