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Travel photographers have been prompting serious cases of wanderlust for decades now, but Instagram has democratized the process, allowing anyone to share gorgeous photos from their travels. From professionals with hundreds of thousands of followers to passionate travelers with only a few dozen, everyone can get in on the act—no filter required.

Here are a five of the coolest travel Instagram accounts we recommend following to inspire your next adventure:


It comes as no surprise that Travel + Leisure, one of the foremost travel magazines, makes the list. A combination of photos and video from the popular travel publication’s own staff and selections from the photos other Instagram users submit, this account features gorgeous cityscapes and jaw-dropping nature shots from around the world.


This account collects vibrant, inspiring photos curated from images submitted by other Instagram users who use their #TravelTodayTV hashtag. Follow this travel Instagram account for a little inspiration, then submit your best photo for a chance to be featured on their feed.


Travel blogger and photographer Matt Long, who dubs himself a specialist in “experiential luxury travel,” shares select shots from his travels around the world. From famous landmarks to wildlife pics from his safari, his photos will have you reaching for your passport.


A collection of incredible images chosen from the #passionpassport community, this travel Instagram account benefits from the amazing photos submitted by its more-than-700,000 followers. Explore their feed and share your story of travel and adventure.


This carefully curated collection of photos shared by the Instagram community combines the very best in unique looks at architecture and eye-catching shots of Mother Nature. If you fancy yourself an architecture aficionado, this is a must-follow feed.


Instagram has changed the way we share our own adventures and explore new corners of the world through photography. These travel Instagram accounts are just a few of the thousands of beautiful and creative photographers across the globe—both amateur and professional—who can provide a glimpse into another piece of the planet. When you come across a picture that truly captures your imagination, grab your Cabeau travel pillow, book your flight—and keep your Instagram app open and ready.


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