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Perfect Snacks for your Carry-On Bag

Even for those of us love to travel, flying can be pretty stressful. Between long lines at security, flight delays and worrying about all your baggage, it’s so easy to feel anxious and reach for convenient yet unhealthy junk food. Here are some of our favorite ideas for tasty travel snacks you can plan in advance and easily pack in your carry-on bag: 

Cheese & Crackers Bento Box

When you’re flying on an empty stomach and see the food and beverage cart making its way down the aisle, you immediately dread and resent the fact that you’re even considering spending nearly $10 dollars for the cheese and crackers bento box when you could have easily brought one yourself! Why pay twice as much for this classic snack when you can prepare your own? Place a dozen of your favorite crackers and pre-sliced or cubed cheese in a collapsible Tupperware container and toss them in the bag you keep under your seat. You’ll be able to nibble from a built-in, neat and makeshift plate. Add pre-sliced meats for a heartier snack. Now we’ve got a picnic!

Fresh Fruits or Fun Banana Butter Wrap

Oranges, bananas and apples come in their own protective coating which makes them perfect in-flight foods. For longer flights, make fruit more filling by adding some nut butter or your favorite healthy spread. Many are available in mini TSA-approved 3.4 oz. packages that make them easy to carry and apply. You can take it a step further by spreading almond butter on a whole wheat tortilla and add sliced bananas for a mess-free, easy to hold “banana butter wrap.”

Trail Mix

Grocers like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer a variety of pre-made trail mix options. You can also avoid unwanted filler ingredients by making your own with a mix of nuts, dried fruits and other bite-sized treats.

Dark Chocolate

You’re selling yourself short if you only think of dark chocolate as candy; it’s loaded with nutrients and can be a healthy way to indulge and delight on a flight. It contains amounts of antioxidants on par with blueberries and Acai berries. Dark chocolate may even help to lower blood pressure, which is essential for maintaining your cool on a long flight.

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