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Nothing beats the feeling of landing in a new destination, ready to expand your horizons and check another amazing destination off your bucket list. Nothing diminishes that feeling faster than stepping off the plane groggy and restless from sitting for so many hours. You need to plan ahead so you are energized and ready to hit the ground running when you land.

Some people are blessed with the natural ability to sleep on a plane, but for the rest of us, getting a little in-flight shut-eye requires a lot of effort. This got us to thinking about how to sleep on a plane, and we narrowed down our top tips that make it easier to snooze in-flight:

  • Power your devices down earlyYou don’t have to wait for the in-flight announcement to shut down your phone, laptop or tablet. The light from your screens affects your brain a lot like sunlight does, so shutting down devices 20 to 30 minutes before you plan to doze off puts you in a more restful mindset.
  • Watch what you eat/drinkContrary to your Thanksgiving habits, a full stomach isn’t always the path to a fulfilling nap. Try to eat two hours or so before takeoff to make sure you have time to digest before your flight. For longer flights, make sure you steer clear of alcohol. While a few drinks can make you sleepy, their effects generally wear off after a few short hours, and you could wake up dehydrated and thirsty, or worse, with a headache.
  • Gear up –Want to know how to sleep on a plane? You’re chances of catching some zzz’s while traveling can greatly increase when you have the right gear. Our Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask will block out the light so you can rest. Noise-cancelling headphones can be pricey, but the quiet is well worth the cost for frequent travelers.A Cabeau travel neck pillow lets you rest your head, even if you weren’t lucky enough to snag a window seat. Finally, don’t forget to stay warm and cozy with our Fold N’ Go™ Blanket and Case.
  • Give your flight attendant a heads-upBefore takeoff, tell them you’re planning to get some rest during the flight. This will let them know not to disturb you when they come around to serve drinks and snacks so you can avoid that interruption to your sleep. Make their job a little easier by keeping your seatbelt visible. That way, when they walk through the cabin to make sure buckled in, they can see it easily without having to bother you.
  • Get a window seat – When booking your ticket, look for a window seat toward the middle of the plane. Sitting by the window ensures you won’t be nudged awake by row-mates getting up to use the restroom and gives you something sturdy to lean against while you nap. Sitting in the middle keeps you further away from the commotion of flight attendants loading the service cart or people going into and out of the restrooms.

Don’t Forget Your Cabeau

If you’re wondering how to sleep on a plane, use these tips to help you fall asleep faster in mid-air. Before you take off, be sure you’ve got the gear you need to stay comfortable on your next flight. Explore our selection of travel pillows and travel accessories to make sure you’re rested and ready for adventure as soon as your plane lands

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