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Cabeau Cares: Creating a Culture of Giving Back
David Sternlight, Founder and CEO of Cabeau

Our passion for travel takes our team members all over the world, and in addition to sparking adventure, it’s also illuminated us about people and places in need. These experiences have always inspired Cabeau, as a company, to invest in our community on a local and national level and serves as the motivation behind our Cabeau Cares program.

Cabeau Cares began in 2013, when we partnered with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support their efforts to fund research for a cure. That’s why we offer a Special Edition Pink Evolution® Travel Pillow, from which a portion of the proceeds from each neck pillow sold goes directly to the foundation. While we’re excited about the opportunity to contribute financially to a cause we believe strongly in, we also want to get out there and give back to the community through volunteering and out time and efforts. Through our Cabeau Cares program, we close the office one day each month to do an activity that benefits the world around us.

In January, we took a day to spread happiness near our headquarters in Woodland Hills, California.  We gathered at a busy intersection a held signs with positive messages like “Dream Big” and “It’s Friday, Smile.” We wanted to give the community something to smile about, and we were so excited to see people come up to give us hugs or let us know we helped make their day a little brighter. Small acts of kindness can sometimes have a resounding impact.

We followed that effort up with a Cabeau Cares day in February to volunteer at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, where we put together a Valentine’s Day-themed brunch for the children and families they serve, complete with heart-shaped pancakes. We also brought supplies and set up a craft table for the kids to create Valentine grams. After our activities, we got a tour of the facility, which provides housing for patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and their families during their treatment. It helped us to better understand what they go through and gave us a better appreciation for the amazing work the Ronald McDonald House Charities do around the world.

These recent examples only tell part of the story. Over the past three years, we’ve taken our passion for service in the community to a variety of other organizations. We volunteered at the Los Angles Mission, where we prepared food and cleaned laundry for homeless and underprivileged Angelenos. We took the team to the L.A. Regional Food Bank, where we packed food supplies and other items into care packages for the elderly. We’ve donated orange travel pillows to Lupus LA and made a trip to Camp Pendleton to distribute camouflage travel neck pillows to Marines deploying for service. Each month, two unique members of our team brings us a cause that inspires them and plans an activity where we can invest time in giving back to our community as a company while also learning more about the amazing work others do.

Dedicating time to making a difference, big or small, is part of the fabric of our company. We want members of our team to go home every day feeling good about the work they do while harnessing their power to make a difference, and we want our community – both locally and globally – to know that we’re committed to making a positive impact.

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