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Black Friday Through Cyber Monday, Take Advantage of Three Exclusive Deals

From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, in addition to our 8 Tips for Staying Comfortable on a Long Flight, we’re offering not just one deal, or even two, but three exclusive deals to make travel better this holiday season.

First, take advantage of our Upgrade Sale by entering the promo code UPGRADE when you buy an Evolution® Pillow to receive a free Deluxe Travel Pillow Bag. Our Deluxe Travel Pillow Bag allows you to compact your Evolution® Pillow by 50% for convenient carrying and storage with you wherever you go.

Next, get the best sleep you’ve ever had on an airplane by using the promo code LIGHTSOUT to get a free Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask when you buy an Evolution® Pillow. The Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask is the only sleeping mask that features an adjustable nose bridge, adjustable fabric strap, eye pockets cupped away from the eyes and a pair of memory foam earplugs.

But if you’re the type who runs hot when you’re trying to rest, choose the Evolution Cool® travel pillow, featuring cooling air circulation vents, and we’ll still give you a free Midnight Magic® Sleeping Mask when you enter the promo code BLACKOUT.

Whether you’re tracking down that perfect gift for the jet-setter in your life, looking for a way to make your own holiday travel experience a little less stressful – or both – this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Cabeau’s got you covered. From our top-rated Evolution® neck pillows to our must-have travel accessories, Cabeau makes travel better.

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