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Spending your hectic days at work dreaming about having your feet in the sand during a dream beach vacation? Some people dream of quiet, secluded beaches on a remote island, while others dream of bustling beaches in a big city where they can go out and enjoy the nightlife. Whatever beach you dream of, there are plenty of amazing beaches in the world just waiting for you to visit. Continue reading to find out more about the 5 best beach vacations in the world.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Going to Bali is like going to Heaven. When you vacation in Bali, you’re surrounded by towering and powerful volcanoes covered in canopies of lush greenery. When you look out your hotel window, you’ll see stunning coastlines decorated with staggering pagodas. While at the beach, you’ll be treated to soft, pure-white sand that give your feet a free pedicure. You and your family will be able to swim in warm, turquoise waters and view many kinds of wild-life that are native to these parts.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, you can spend your vacation in a resort hotel, taking advantage of luxurious spa treatments and enjoying the beach all day long. You can enjoy the decadent cuisine in town, eating good food and drinking fine wines and exotic teas. Stay relaxed, even while you’re lounging around, with a pair of Cabeau’s scent-infused fluffy socks. These socks are scented with aloe, lavender, or peppermint and is created using infused oils. The scents are light and nice, not overbearing. Slip the socks on to treat your feet after a long day at the beach.

If you want to come home with grand experiences to tell your coworkers and family, explore the island and its history. You’ll find many trails to hike, including paths that go around active volcanoes. If you want to explore more under the sea, there are programs there that take you out snorkeling, letting you view our fishy friends up close and personal.

Bali is often rated one of the #1 place to visit in Asia and is considered one of the most amazing beaches in the world. When you plan a beach vacation, shoot for the stars and travel to Bali.

  1. Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

When people think of the best beach vacations in the world, they think of the Caribbean. This beach vacation spot is located at one of the largest private islands. Peter Island features 5 secluded beaches, letting you experience multiple beaches in one trip.

Due to its privacy, the island only has one main attraction, but it’s one that will fulfill your every need. Peter Island Resort handles your every whim, from spa days, fluffy bedding, and superior service. You can view the beaches and scenery from nearly every window.

When you come to Peter Island, you’re treated to authentic Caribbean food. When you get home, your tastebuds will long for the decadent treats you’ll have while on vacation. The resort has a wine room that features more than 300 different wines, perfect for trying out some new flavors.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Everyone should experience Hawaii at least once in their lives. While it’s not the big island, you’ll still enjoy one of the best beach vacations in the world by visiting this famous island. While here, you’ll experience majestic displays of nature, ranging from waterfalls, lush greenery, and bright-blue ocean waters.

Live your life to the fullest while on vacation by fully immersing yourself into the culture. Take surfing lessons or go snorkeling to get views of life under the water. Treat yourself to authentic hawaiian cuisine and tasteful desserts. Visit luaus and dance along side groups of hula dancers.

Known as one of the best places to visit during November, you can escape the winter blues by getting away to this sunny island around the holidays. Be sure to bring along your Cabeau Evolution Cool® travel pillow and a Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask to catch some zzz’s – and some rays – on the Maui beach.

  1. Rosalie Bay, Dominica

Rosalie Bay, DominicaThis beach destination lives up to it’s beautiful name as it’s a gorgeous, secluded beach getaway. Located on the coast of the mostly undeveloped island of Dominica, this destination offers a quiet place to relax. 45 minutes away from the capital, Roseau, this beach makes you feel as if you’ve gone back in time – a time long ago, before skyscrapers, traffic, and cell phones. The ocean you’ll be enjoying is the wild Atlantic ocean, featuring views of whales and seals.

From most resorts on the island, you have a 24/7 view of the ocean, the beach, the jungle, and mountain ranges. Wherever you look, you’ll be greeted with views of dark green plants, vibrant flowers, and giant palm trees. You can chill on the beach or go into town. Wherever you go, you’ll be surrounded by beauty.

If you’re feeling adventurous, grab your family and trek up some moss-covered paths to get to Boiling Lake. This lake is the world’s second-largest body of water that is heated up by volcanic activity. Make sure you have a great bag to use on your hikes. For a light and comfortable bag, check out our Sling Pack compact backpack. This backpack is extremely easy to fit into a carry-on bag or a suitcase. The straps are adjustable, allowing you to have the perfect fit as you explore one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

  1. Costa Alegre, Mexico

Enjoy the vibes of a Mexican vacation by visiting Costa Alegre. This beach destination is right below Puerto Vallarta and right above Cihuatlan, giving it a prime location. Perfectly fitting, Costa Alegre translates to “cheerful coast.”

This is one of the best beach vacations in the world thanks to its famous seafood dishes. Eat as much crab, shrimp, and fish that you can. Wherever you choose to eat, you’ll be able to see the beautiful beach right outside your weekend.

Get the ultimate spa day by treating yourself to a temazcal. This ancient ritual involves a purifying treatment, a mud bath, and a muscle relaxing sweat lodge on the beach. It’s just the thing to make you recharged and refreshed, ready to go back to your normal life.

Plan Your Trip Today

What are you waiting for? You deserve to go on a beach vacation now. It’s may be difficult to decide between all of these amazing beaches, but they each have something for everyone. Keep this guide to the best beach vacations in the world bookmarked, so you can refer back to it once you decide to book your trip.

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