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There aren’t too many people who actually enjoy the airport. Most people are just trying to get from Point A to Point B with as little hassle as possible. Of course, travelling through commercial airlines tends to be nothing but hassle thanks to shrinking seats and ever-growing security measures. So what’s a traveler to do? It’s unlikely that you’re willing to sacrifice your trips to all the coolest locations just to avoid the airport, so here are some of our best air travel tips to make the airport as painless as possible.

  1. Pack Smart

While flying tends to be safe for people, that’s not always true for luggage. Checked luggage sometimes arrives damaged, if it arrives at all. The best way to avoid a baggage headache is by avoiding checked bags altogether. If your trip is short, it should be doable.

If checking a bag is inevitable, you can take steps to put your mind at ease. Make sure you check your airline’s weight and size restrictions. You don’t want to show up with an oversized, overweight bag that will result in tacked on fees. It’s also good practice to invest in some luggage tags for your bags. You can then attach your name and contact information to your bags, making it way less likely for your bags to get lost forever.

If you can swing packing for your trip in just your carry-on luggage, by all means, do it. Carry-on luggage is free of extra fees, and you can keep an eye on it the whole time you travel. Most airlines allow two carry-on items — a small suitcase and a personal item. Always be sure to check your airline’s regulations to see if your bags are the appropriate size.

Planning outfits in advance can help save a ton of packing space. Pick versatile items that you can mix and match, so you can have multiple outfit options with minimal space. Your bag choices also go a long way towards space. A lightweight but roomy backpack is a solid choice for your personal item, so you can store everything you need on your flight, plus a little extra.

  1. Bring Comfort with You

best travel pillowAirplanes aren’t built with your comfort in mind. You have a narrow seat, limited legroom, and lots of noise. Don’t despair — there are answers.

Maybe we’re a little biased, but our biggest air travel tip is to invest in the best travel pillow you can get. Sitting upright in an airplane seat for any length of time is uncomfortable, but it gets especially bad when you’re on a long flight. Find a travel pillow that best suits your needs and make sure you pack it for every flight. You’ll be able to relax and even get a little sleep if you want. Even if you don’t want to sleep, your neck will thank you.

If you’re really committed to sleeping on your flight, an eye mask is a must have. Airplanes can be very bright during the day, and even at night, your neighbor’s light can be an unwanted source of brightness. Pick an eye mask that conforms to the contours of your face to make sure that no light gets in.

The final part of your comfort trio should be a quality travel blanket. Find one in a material that feels best to you, whether it’s fleece or microfiber or what have you. Many travel blankets are designed to be folded into tiny spaces, so they won’t take up too much room in your luggage. With a blanket, a pillow, and total darkness, it’s much easier to pretend that you’re in a cozy bed rather than a plane seat.

If you know you hate dealing with the limited legroom offered on planes, it may be worth considering paying a little bit more money to get extra legroom. This can be especially appealing on long flights. You may be able to bear a cramped space for an hour or two, but a nine-hour flight in a small space may be difficult.

  1. Invest in Noise-Cancelling Solutions

Even if no one is making any noise, airplanes are loud. Of course, chances are that someone will be talking or a baby will be crying in addition to the loud hum of the airplane itself. What’s a traveler to do? Bring along some noise-cancelling accessories!

Noise-cancelling headphones have become an increasingly popular choice among jetsetters. With so many options out there, you can definitely find a pair that fits your style, needs, and budget. Choose earphones or over-the-ear headphones, and add features like Bluetooth to really get fancy. With your new headphones, you’ll not only block out the noise but replace it with your favorite jams.

Make sure you have something good to listen to with those new headphones. Download some hot new music or maybe a few episodes of the latest popular podcast. Audiobooks are also a great option for travel, especially if you find reading on planes difficult.

Not really into listening to music on your flights? Earplugs are a tried-and-true way to block out ambient noise. They’re tiny and affordable, so you can easily pop a pair or two into your bags for any noise emergencies.

  1. Entertain Yourself

Entertain Yourself in your Travel TripIt’s highly unlikely that you regularly spend hours just sitting there, doing nothing.

Why do that on a plane? Our air travel tip: Make yourself at home by bringing all of your favorite lazy day entertainment options with you. There are so many portable technology options to choose from.

Grab your favorite video game, e-reader, tablet, laptop, whatever! Pack them all into a travel-safe bag, and make sure you have all the appropriate charging cables. Nothing will ruin your good time faster than a dead battery, so be sure to charge all of your devices before setting out to the airport.

Consider buying a powerful, portable battery pack with multiple charging options, so you never have to worry about your battery dying in the middle of your movie.

You want to make sure that there are actually things to do on all of your devices before you get on a plane. If your plane has WiFi, you have a lot of options. If the plane doesn’t have WiFi or you don’t want to deal with connecting, many streaming sites have download and go options. You can download episodes of shows or movies while you’re at home, and then you can stream them offline while you’re on the plane. You can also opt for video games or e-readers that don’t require internet to work.

For added convenience, invest in a tablet stand so you can watch all your favorite shows hands-free. If you don’t have a tablet, you can turn your phone into a perfect little binge-watching device with a phone stand.

Of course, there’s always good old fashioned books. Pick up a new novel or two before you fly, and let your favorite authors whisk you away into another world — one that doesn’t involve you sitting on an airplane. Most airports have bookstores in the terminal, so if you forgot to pack something to keep you entertained, heading to the bookstore is a fantastic way to save you from boredom.

  1. Dress Comfortably

Maybe it’s an obvious air travel tip, but it’s also a crucial one. When you’re flying, make sure you wear comfy clothes. Most of your day is going to be spent sitting, so avoid any waistbands that dig in when you sit. Opt for stretchy, breathable fabrics like sweatpants or leggings. Avoid tight clothing; opt for looser, baggier shirts that allow for movement. Basically, dressing in an outfit that’s as close to pajamas as socially acceptable is key. You want to be comfortable while you fly; fashion can take a backseat.

compression socks from CabeauYou never know what the temperature will be like on a plane. Even though it’s usually cold, sometimes you get on a plane with a pretty hot interior temperature.

Be prepared for anything by dressing in layers. Always carry a sweatshirt or jacket of some kind so you can bundle up if necessary. If you have poor circulation, air travel can cause swelling and pain in your legs and feet.

Stop that swelling before it begins with a pair of compression socks designed with your comfort in mind. The socks will help keep your blood flowing, helping you avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Bring Your Cabeau

In order to make the most of our air travel tips, always make sure you give some forethought to your next trip. There are a lot of ways to make airport traveling more enjoyable, but almost all of them require you to be prepared before you go. One of the best ways to prepare for your trip is by browsing our collection of Evolution® pillows and travel accessories before you take off!

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