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Feeling like your flights are a bit more cramped these days? You’re not alone. The space on your flight is indeed shrinking, as airlines try to save money and fill flights to maximum capacity. Any experienced traveller knows that stepping off a flight with swollen feet and ankles is common. Prioritize your comfort and try out Cabeau’s bamboo travel compression socks today.  

There are some surprising ways that wearing our compression socks for travel can help you stay comfortable on your next flight.

  1. Promote Circulation

Take a tip from your flight attendant or pilot – many swear by travel compression socks on every single journey. Fatigue, cramping and swelling of the legs are just some of the common symptoms experienced by those working in the airline industry. After flying, you might experience these same symptoms, so follow the experts. Frequent flyers know that travel compression socks can help blood flow from your feet back to your heart, promoting comfort and maintaining an even pressure on the lower legs and calf area.

  1. Avoid Varicose and Spider Veins

Did you know that unsightly veins can enlarge due to backed-up blood in certain areas of your legs? Long flights create a perfect storm of conditions for reducing circulation in your legs. Promoting steady blood flow at all times by taking walks on board your flight can help slow down the formation of varicose and spider veins. Added to that extra movement, wearing travel compression socks can help ward off bothersome symptoms. Even if you are lucky enough to be free of this cosmetic annoyance, our compression socks for travel have many other benefits.

  1. Reduce Odor and Sweat

After wearing bamboo socks of any kind, you will find it hard to return to a regular cotton sock – and cheaper fabrics just won’t do. Bamboo is both moisture-wicking and ultra soft. The fabric naturally reduces any odor through anti-microbial properties. See what your friends are talking about, and join the bamboo trend – our bamboo travel compression socks are top-of-the-line and made of the softest fibers.

  1. Multi-Purpose

Durability and high-quality bamboo fabric make our travel compression socks versatile – they can be used for more than just in-flight comfort. They are multi-purpose and perfect for the active traveller. Wear them while running, hiking, walking in the city, or even for a big business conference. You won’t know how you lived without them.

Order Bamboo Compression Socks Today

With our 2-year satisfaction warranty, you can have confidence that our product is the best. And if you love our travel compression socks, explore some of our other favorite travel neck pillows and comfort items to reduce stress and anxiety on your next journey.

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