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Feeling overwhelmed by long days at the office or bogged down by life’s endless obligations? There is no doubt that your body needs a chance to reboot once in a while. Read on to explore Cabeau’s top picks for relaxing wellness retreats and unique spiritual vacation spots. Our classic picks offer first-class scenery, while others on our list offer something for the traveller who isn’t satisfied with typical tourist hot spots. From near to far, let us help you find a locale that satisfies your curiosity.

Looking for luxury? How about a beach or seaside view? From eco-friendly retreats to an unplugged adventure further afield, we’ll take you on a global tour of our hand-picked destinations.

  1. Harrison Hot Springs, Canada

Our top pick for wellness retreats is right here in North America. When you think of Canada, you might picture snow and cold, but the expanse of the West Coast is far from frigid, with its relatively mild weather all year round in the Canadian province of British Columbia. There is something about finding yourself in the midst of a mountainous paradise that resets your inner peace and brings perspective to even the most cluttered of minds.

With full spa services and luxury accommodations, Harrison Hot Springs made our list as one of the wellness retreats you won’t want to miss. Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley area, it stands out as a versatile destination suitable for a spiritual vacation spot, or as a retreat for the whole family, with endless opportunities to explore nearby. Wake up and admire the snowy peaks. Take a dip in the hot mineral pools, believed by local indigenous groups to have medicinal and rejuvenating effects. Ponder the largesse of nature around you while standing beside a raging river.

After recharging your body in the mineral pools for a few days, choose from a variety of other nearby activities such as golf, boating, horseback riding, hiking, camping or local eco tours. At night, don’t forget to wind down and relax with Cabeau’s Midnight Magic Sleep Mask. Soon, you will be refreshed and ready to move on to your next great adventure.

  1. Naga Puri Beach Retreat, Borneo

Some of our favorite relaxing wellness retreats and spiritual vacation spots are not easily found in your typical tour guide – and the Naga Puri Beach Retreat in Borneo is no exception. If you find yourself craving a few days in beach paradise, we have your spot, although we are a bit reluctant to share this secret and budget-friendly hideaway. Naga Puri is for the traveller looking for something a bit more rustic, private and off-the-beaten-path.

Located near the better-known island of Pulau Tiga (the original “Survivor Island”), Naga Puri Beach Retreat has over 70km of private beach just steps from your beachside room. The expanse of sand is silent, aside from the occasional drop of a coconut or the lapping of waves on the shore. Other wellness retreats may offer amenities in a package form, but Naga Puri offers you the luxury of time. If a slower pace and endless sand is your idea of a retreat to paradise, Naga Puri is your best choice. Perfect for jogging, surfing or shell-collecting, you can enjoy a bit of peace far removed from popular Borneo tourist hotspots.

Slow down and enjoy pristine and untouched beaches with shallow waters for snorkeling by day and be stunned by sunset and star watching by night. Let Naga Puri’s host drive you personally to your day trip destination and treat you to homemade meals, personal laundry service and local lore. For the ambitious guests, Borneo has endless flora and fauna biodiversity to explore.

Some interesting day trip activities nearby include natural volcanic mud pools, eco tours, jungle walks and river boat tours in the local mangroves. View wildlife such as giant monitor lizards, wild orangutans and stunning fireflies. As palm plantations begin to take over some of this pristine land, you won’t want to miss this destination, as it may not be around forever. Unlike some of the better-known and more mainstream wellness retreats, Naga Puri is all about a return to authenticity.

  1. Canaves Oia Hotel, Greece

Unmatched for both luxury and beauty, the island of Santorini offers a return to ancient times. Nothing makes great spiritual vacation spots more enticing than being surrounded by amazing architecture and historical landmarks. The Canaves Oia Hotel is all about location, and visitors can expect an above and beyond experience. This is one of the wellness retreats on our list that doesn’t cut any corners.

The resort offers a world-class spa experience, with opportunities for seaside yoga classes, private yachting, and pristine pools. All amenities come with the added benefit of an Aegean Sea view that you won’t find at any other wellness retreats on our list. On cooler nights, make sure to wrap up in our Fold ‘N Go Blanket while you relax by the seaside.

Looking to venture a bit further afield? Nearby Greek islands offer opportunities for endless exploration. Uniquely colored beaches formed by the black, red and white lava pebbles from volcanic eruptions make visiting the island of Santorini an absolutely unforgettable experience. Ancient ruins lay buried in ash nearby the Oia Hotel, making it the perfect location to contemplate hidden eras long ago.

  1. The Canopy Treehouses, Australia

If you’ve ever fancied venturing down under, you won’t want to miss one of the most unique wellness retreats we came across on our shortlist of best spots. The Canopy Treehouses offer a choice of six rainforest treehouses set in a real wildlife sanctuary. This eco rainforest resort is located in the Cairns Highlands region of Northern Australia. Endangered wildlife such as Green Possums and the rare Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos call the sanctuary home. Venture further afield, and you may even get lucky and spot one of the notoriously shy members of the platypus colony in the river nearby.

Let staff at The Canopy Treehouses help you relax right in the comfort of your very own abode, set high in the rainforest canopy. As the sounds of rainforest wildlife surround you, enjoy some spa menu items you may not see at other mainstream wellness retreats, such as the popular ‘bamboo massage.’ A balance of standout luxury and natural beauty make The Canopy Treehouses one of our top spiritual vacation spots, sure to help you rejuvenate and appreciate the wonders of the world surrounding you. The Canopy Treehouses are also certified by Ecotourism Australia, making this one of the most eco-friendly wellness retreats on our list.

For the outdoorsy adventurer, you will find yourself a stone’s throw from endless waterfalls, clear crater lakes, and a range of hiking trails set alongside rivers and natural beauty. If the rainforest canopy isn’t quite elevated enough for you, take a breezy ride above on one of the popular local hot air balloon tours.

  1. Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

We tried to save the best of our wellness retreats for last. If you are craving a completely unplugged experience, we can’t recommend Three Camel Lodge enough. Located in the Gobi Desert and only accessible by Land Cruiser, Three Camel Lodge has the distinction of being recognized as one of the “Unique Lodges of the World” by National Geographic magazine.

Wake up in your Mongolian ger (yurt) and return to nomadic times by stepping straight out into the Gobi Desert. Still one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth, Mongolia hasn’t changed much from years past. With views of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountains, the area is a pristine habitat for wild camels, the Gobi bear, argali sheep, ibex and snow leopards.

All staff are locals and offer knowledge of both the area and environmentally responsible travel practices. This relatively untouched landscape makes this one of our most rugged but special wellness retreats. Doze off as you stargaze, thanks to the oculus (central opening) in the middle of your ger. Wake up and contemplate the empty expanse around you. A visit to Three Camel Lodge is a visit to simpler times. Don’t forget to pack your Travel Blanket Set – the desert gets cool at night.

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If your humdrum daily routine is getting you stuck in a rut, start planning your escape now. Breaking up the winter with a swift getaway is just what you need to recharge your inner energy. Whether you crave modern amenities or something off the beaten path, our list of amazing wellness retreats and spiritual vacation spots around the globe includes something for every traveller.

Save this list while you’re exploring options for your next big adventure. And don’t forget to prepare for your journey ahead of time and pack our Evolution Pillow to help you enjoy that smooth flight to paradise.

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