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We all love to go on vacation. But how many of us love the ride that it takes to get there? With cramped seats, stiff pillows, and shaky flights, going on a vacation can feel like anything but—especially if you’re sore and tired by the time you get to your destination. 77% of travelers say they experience neck pain during a flight. That’s where the Evolution S3 pillow steps in. Our high-tech, ergonomic design offers more comfort, extra support, and better in-flight sleep. Here’s why travelers everywhere have found the only travel pillow they’ll ever need.

1. The Latest Technology
Don’t settle for generic neck pillows that don’t work.

Cabeau Evolution S3 - Attaches to Seat
Long flights, bumpy rides, and neck pain are no fun. That’s why we engineered the Seat Strap System (S3) for enhanced neck support. These revolutionary, headrest straps attach to your airplane seat wings to keep your head from falling forward while you fly. You can set the straps for use in two different positions to match your height as needed. There’s also an adjustable clasp at the front of the pillow that provides your neck with the perfect, soft-yet-snug fit.

2. End Neck Pain
Stop your head from bobbing, falling, and contorting.

Cabeau Evolution S3 - Head Won't Fall Forward
The Evolution S3 is not your ordinary travel pillow. It’s plush memory foam core is designed with raised sides and a flat back to help you rest and relax throughout your journey. This unique pillow design coupled with the Seat Support Straps and adjustable front toggles will hold your neck and head in place for maximum snoozability.

3. Save Bag Space
A small bag compacts the pillow to under 50% its size.

Cabeau Evolution S3 - Head Won't Fall Forward
Stuffed baggage is hardly any fun when you travel, and there’s rarely any room for a bulky travel pillow. But the Evolution S3 is conveniently designed for comfort on the go. Our premium travel case makes packing light a breeze. The pillow compacts to half its size to fit just about anywhere. Plus, it’s got a zippered pouch to keep how-to instructions and your belongings secure for the ride.

4. Stay Cool
The breathable fabric stays cool, dry, and cozy in any climate.

Cabeau Evolution S3 - Head Won't Fall Forward
Whether you’re on the road or in the air, our pillow fabric dries fast and remains soft to the touch. No matter how long your journey lasts, our high performance fibers remain dry so that you can enjoy optimal comfort as you travel. Ready to snooze?

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6 replies to “4 Reasons Why The Evolution S3 Will Change How You Fly For Life

  1. Can this pillow be used in a car?

    • The Evolution S3 straps were not designed to be used in an automobile.

  2. Can you send me the price and what colors they come in also wears their large medium small available

    • The Evolution S3 neck pillow is the same $39.99 price as the Evolution Pillow. It comes in the colors Cardinal, Galaxy, Indigo, Steel, and Jet Black. All of our travel pillows have front adjustable toggles and are one-size-fit-all.

  3. I was given a code to get a free gift for signing up. How do I use the code? What gift is it and where do I find it? All the box said was to sign up to get a free gift. I signed up and it displayed the code but never told me anything else ‍♀️

    • Most of our coupon codes can be entered on the shopping cart page during the checkout process. If you continue to have issues or have more questions, please contact us at for assistance. Include the code you were given in your email.

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