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The best airplane pillow has it all: lighter, more breathable fabrics, modern lines to support your head and neck, smartly-place pockets and greater portability. One thing is for sure –– travel pillows aren’t just for your grandma anymore! Finding the best travel pillow to help you relax on your next flight requires a bit of research, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Check our priority list, and answer a few quick questions to find out which features you might be looking for. From there, take a look at our line of travel neck pillows and get ready to make your next flight first-class.

List Your Priorities

As you read our guide, keep this in mind: the best airplane pillow may not be the same for everyone. Take a moment and answer these quick questions to help you identify your own unique needs to find the best neck pillow for flying:

  • Do you enjoy a more structured feel in a pillow, or do you prefer the flexibility of microbeads or air inflation?
  • Is size important?
  • Is extra storage useful to you?
  • What kind of feel do you like? Soft? Firm? Cool?
  • Where else might you use your travel pillow?

Jot some notes down as you answer the above questions and list your three top priorities. Then, hop aboard and read our guide to find out which of Cabeau’s travel pillows is the best neck pillow for flying to take you to your next destination. From microbeads to memory foam, let us help you find the best option to suit your travel style.

The Evolution® S3

If you’re looking for the best airplane pillow, and you want something that really is top-of-the-line at a great price point. Cabeau’s Evolution® S3 has every possible extra to keep you feeling comfortable –– and it has a sleek look to boot. What sets it apart? With our innovative Seat Strap System (S3), this pillow firmly attaches to airplane seat wings to keep your head from falling forward during a bumpy ride. On top of it all, enjoy these great features:

  • Memory foam that adjusts to fit your shape.
  • Quick-dry fabric and abrasion resistance.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Raised side support for extra stability.

The finer details include a zippered side pouch to store your belongings, as well as a storage case to that scrunches the pillow to half its size. With these features, the Evolution® S3 packs a lot of extras into such a small size. It combines the cool features of other neck pillows with great comfort and compactibility, making it the best neck pillow for flying.

The Evolution® S3 is popular for use beyond air travel. Strap it on in the car or just wear it lounging at home for a nice comfy evening by the fire. Its durability and multi-purpose use makes it our pick for the best airplane pillow.

The Evolution Cool®

The Evolution Cool® pillow also offers a structured feel on your neck with dual-density memory foam that conforms to your shape and gives it that perfect not-too-soft but not-too-hard feel. It also has a cool-factor that makes it a great choice for travellers who want to make a statement. Bright colors and a unique design make it the best airplane pillow for the frequent traveller. Pair the Evolution Cool® pillow with your hippest shades, and you will be sure to get the best service on your flight along with enjoying some of these amazing features:

  • 360 degree head and neck support
  • Included earplugs with cord attached
  • Cooling air circulation vents all over
  • Deluxe travel bag with pockets to stash extras

The best airplane pillow has well-placed pockets to stash all the extras, and the Evolution Cool® is no exception. It’s slim, lightweight and supportive. You’re sure to stay cool on your flight with this pillow. With circulation vents surrounding the pillow, you won’t sweat as you make your landing.

The Evolution® Pillow

A removable velour cover makes the Evolution® pillow our coziest pillow ever. The best neck pillow for flying should have it all: comfort, style and 360 degree head and neck support. The patented design allows you to sleep well on your flight and makes this our best airplane pillow for those who enjoy reliability and classic style. Despite its no frills appearance, the Evolution® has what you need on your next journey:

  • Premium memory foam used in the core
  • A patented ergonomic design
  • Memory foam earplugs

Whether you are travelling by air, car or boat, the original Evolution® is your answer to the bumps and turbulence of everyday travel. Remember, when you reach your destination, the best airplane pillow doesn’t simply disappear back into your luggage. Travellers have been known to use the Evolution® for camping, hiking and backroad adventures. Toss it into the back of your car and hit the road!

The Evo Microbead™

Sometimes, the best airplane pillow is a bit less structured and adjusts to suit your sleep position. If you are looking for a more responsive neck pillow, the Evo Microbead™ will make you want to shift and move until you hit that just-right spot. With microbeads that keep you cool all night long, this pillow has a fantastic texture.

The best neck pillow for flying is supportive and flexible in the right places. Sometimes a bit of movement is all you need to stay relaxed on your journey. Along with millions of premium microbeads, the Evo has other features that make it the best airplane pillow for travellers who go for a unique, textured feel

  • Breathable lycra fabric
  • An adjustable toggle
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Tall support system

A large side media pouch also means you can store your cell phone or personal items close by while you sleep. Great for a long train ride in close quarters. With a silky smooth feel, you will want to keep this neck pillow on standby for every great adventure!

The Inflatable Air Evolution®

While the original Evolution® pillow is geared toward cozy comfort, it may not squeeze into the small spaces you need it to. If that’s the case, and portability is at the top of your list of features, the Inflatable Air Evolution® might be the best airplane pillow for you. Perfect for restrictive baggage limits, the best next pillow for flying needs to be lightweight. Despite its size, the Inflatable Air Evolution® packs a lot of comfort into its pouch. It also has:

  • An adjustable air core
  • A velour cover
  • A teeny-tiny travel pouch

This incredible pillow folds up into 4.6 oz. Ideal for a long-distance bike trip or an epic hiking journey, it can fold up into the size of a soda can. Inflate or deflate to your desired firmness and adjust it yourself! Students headed on a gap year or backpackers headed on their once-in-a-lifetime trip across Europe will love the small size of this inflatable pillow, which can be pulled out for use at hostels, or even while camping. The best things come in small packages!

All of Cabeau’s travel pillows are backed by a two-year warranty, so that means that we believe our products are made to last. Durability is important because you want to get the most out of your neck pillow. Keep our list handy as you choose the best airplane pillow to suit your needs.

After you have selected the best style for your journey, explore some more of Cabeau’s comfort items to go with. Why not stay extra-cool and bundle your neck pillow with a our Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask and a cozy Fold ‘n Go™ Blanket & Case to keep you feeling relaxed and stress-free on your journey?

What are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

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