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Struggling with the repetition of everyday tasks, or experiencing an inability to sit down and simply enjoy the moment? The best yoga meditation retreats promise to take you on a journey ‘away from it all.’ If you find it’s getting harder and harder to relax, read on. Being fully present means letting go, so a yoga retreat may be just the thing you need to unwind.

Whether you are a total beginner or a more ambitious yogi, there is no better (or trendier) way to relax than to sign up for one of the many yoga vacations promising to help you become fully present in the moment. But how do you sift through the multitude of yoga vacations now available? Let Cabeau narrow down your list and take you on a journey to our seven best yoga meditation retreats.

  1. Bend it Like Buddha Yoga Retreats | Portugal

    First, let us take you to Portugal to brush up on your pranayama and meditation with Bend it Like Buddha Yoga Retreats. This Yoga Alliance registered organization offers beginner yoga courses and some of the best yoga meditation retreats at a stunning beach location with a five-night stay included in your tuition.

    On this six day journey into the heart of Portugal, you can expect to practice meditation and yoga every morning and evening, while winding down at popular oceanside cafes, lounging at the beach and taking in the view during your free time. Excursions on this popular retreat will also take you kayaking through beach grottos and caves, hiking through the woodland forests of Monchique and relaxing in hot pools in your down time. Best of all? This holiday is all-inclusive.

    All of Bend it Like Buddha’s best yoga meditation retreats run from April through October and focus on gentle vinyasa flows or restorative yoga practices at a beginner level. If you are new to yoga vacations, Bend it Like Buddha’s retreat in Portugal would be a great introductory holiday.

  1. Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreats | Bali

    When you’re searching for the best yoga meditation retreats – think exotic locations. For something with a bit of cultural flair, look no further than this amazing yoga retreat in Bali. Blooming Lotus Yoga offers an affordable getaway retreat on one of the most diverse islands in the world, complete with tranquil rivers and a jungle background.

    Greet the sun in the morning, followed by transformative workshops focused on ways to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Learn proper meditation to help you master your mind, reduce stress and promote mental clarity in all aspects of your life. During this retreat, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy cultural events to discover the vibrancy of Ubud, Bali with fellow yogis from around the world.

    Offered as either a 4-day or 7-day package, the best yoga meditation retreats at Blooming Lotus focus on daily vinyasa flow and can be accommodated to any skill level from beginner to advanced. As this retreat is set in a tropical climate, make sure you don’t forget your bamboo compression socks to help your feet keep feeling fresh between practices!

  2. Maya Tulum Resort | Mexico

    Located on the Riviera Maya in Yucatán, Mexico, the Maya Tulum Resort offers a more spa-like feel than other yoga vacations and is nestled between the ocean and tropical forests. Wake up and salute the sun luxuriously from a thatch-roof yoga hall. After a rejuvenating yoga practice, bathe in the Caribbean Sea and lounge on a seaside hammock in the shade with a glass of fresh juice.

    Celebrate Mayan culture and choose from several restorative massage treatments on site inspired by traditional Mayan healing practices. Your meals are prepared with local ingredients and a restaurant with seaside views will encourage mindful eating at one of the best yoga meditation retreats on our list, located conveniently just an hour and a half from Cancun.

    Retreats are offered at Maya Tulum year-round, but we think the best time to go is in early summer. If you’re lucky enough to get there at the right time, you’ll spot loggerhead sea turtles laying eggs on the beach. Maya Tulum is also a great starting point for eco-tours in the area.

  3. Fo Guan Shan Monastery | Taiwan

    Not at all one of your traditional yoga vacations, Fo Guan Shan Monastery is located just outside of Taiwan’s second-largest city of Kaohsiung. Walking barefoot, windchimes in the breeze, and eating with Buddhist monks are all common events at Fo Guan Shan, and we think authenticity is the best part of this unique escape.

    Although most retreats have a set schedule, at Fo Guan Shan, there is none. Monastics at Fo Guan Shan are used to guests and will guide you quietly through your own personal journey. Whether that includes your own yoga practice, calligraphy, a weekend-long silent meditation, journalling, or simply observing Buddhist practices at work at Taiwan’s largest monastery, it’s up to you.

    Vegetarian meals and simple accommodations welcome visitors from all over the world. Visitors are encouraged to join in on all aspects of monastic life during their stay. For a truly authentic meditation experience, a visit to Fo Guan Shan is worth the trip.

  4. Annuttara Ashram | Canada

    Annuttara Ashram is described as an off-grid yoga community, dedicated to spiritual growth through some of the best yoga meditation retreats in the beautiful Nass Valley, British Columbia. Surrounded by forests and mountains, Annuttara is not easy to access, but the location offers both short and long retreats to visitors who make the effort to find this gem in the north.

    The daily schedule is open and participants may join into daily practices as much or as little as they like. Accommodations range from camping to rustic cabins with shared rooms. Visitors should come prepared with comfort items such as a simple travel blanket and travel pillow to add to the rustic surroundings.

    If you are looking for a more unique experience when it comes to yoga vacations, Annuttara Ashram offers something different and a bit more removed than the rest. With a focus on personal journeys, you might enjoy disconnecting and getting a bit lost at Annuttara.

  5. Orion Healing Center | Thailand

    When you think about the best yoga meditation retreats, Thailand is usually among the top locations that come to mind. Located in the midst of Srithanu Bay in Koh Phangan, the Orion Healing Center offers a combination of holistic therapies, detox retreats and some of the best yoga in Thailand.

    This holiday spa retreat focuses on healthy food and improving your personal fitness. Set in an ideal location right on the beach, this retreat comes complete with a Thai herb steam room and sauna, vegetarian food, tropical fruit and a variety of healing practices available on site. You will find all the support you need to restore balance to your life. Guests are welcome to explore the unique practices of Reiki, CranioSacral therapy, chakra balancing and crystal therapy.

  6. Bamboo Yoga Retreat | India

    Known for its great, friendly atmosphere, Bamboo Yoga is located at the end of a white sandy beach in Patnem, South Goa. Residential yoga teachers will inspire you with flexible classes open to any skill level. A variety of the best yoga meditation retreats on site focus on specific yogic practices and teachings including hatha, vinyasa, iyengar and yin yoga.

    Typical yoga vacations at Bamboo Yoga include accommodation in your own or a shared bamboo beach hut, two yoga sessions per day, meditation, yoga nidra and pranayama, yoga workshops, large vegetarian brunches and group dinners.

    If you are lucky enjoy to be in the right place at the right time, you might get a chance to view the dolphins as you practice or while on a short boat trip in your free time. Other excursions include a beautiful visit to a remote Goa beach. Namaste!

    Now that you have a good taste of the types of retreats available, do your research and choose the one that suits your health goals the best. Consider themes, teaching experience, yoga style and your own fitness level when you contemplate your final decision using our list of the top seven best yoga meditation retreats. And don’t forget: location, location, location! Now that you’ve chosen your favorite getaway, pick up your Evolution travel pillow and a few comfort items and get ready to relax.

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