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It’s happened to all of us: Several hours into your flight, you look at the passenger across the aisle with envy and wish you had brought that great gadget or soft, cuddly blanket. Perhaps you packed in a rush, or tried to skimp on extras to meet strict baggage requirements. But compromising on comfort items means you risk arriving at your destination feeling drained and baggy-eyed. So make sure you leave a special place in your carry-on for our top five best
air travel accessories for long flights.

  1. A Great Travel Pillow

Sure, you can pick up any old travel pillow at the airport duty free, but if you are planning ahead and want to keep your extras lightweight, do your research and grab a pillow that demonstrates true versatility. Weighing in at less than a pound, the Evolution S3 is one of the greatest air travel accessories for long flights due to its comfort, quality, and design features tailored for airline travel.

  • Not only does this lightweight pillow attach conveniently to the outside of a carry-on bag or purse, the unique Seat Strap System (S3) includes several well-placed grips that will keep your head and neck aligned against your seat for the entire length of the flight.
  • This pillow contains plush memory foam that adapts to your shape. The breathable fabric is easily washable and feels soft against your skin.
  • An additional raised layer adds side support for your neck as you travel to help you snooze.

Our favorite air travel accessories always have multiple uses, and the Evolution S3 is no exception. After the trip, use it at home, in the car or while you’re camping. You won’t know how you lived without it. Strap it to your carry-on and hop aboard in comfort and style.

  1. A Cozy Blanket

Gone are the days when your aircraft was well-stocked with blankets for the flight. Since it’s now up to you to pack this one, make sure you choose wisely. The Cabeau Fold n’ Go blanket is a must to stay cozy even at 30,000 feet.

  • The Fold n’ Go blanket is made of luxurious French microfiber, perfect to keep you nice and warm in any climate.
  • Even though it’s compact, this blanket has a larger surface area than others on the market, offering complete body coverage during your flight.
  • A detachable handle straps on to your luggage or carry-on bag.

This blanket has multiple purposes during travel. When stuffed in its travel case, it’s perfect as an extra pillow, seat cushion or for extra lumbar support. Use it for extra warmth on the patio once you arrive at your destination. Great things come in small packages!

  1. Your iPad

Of course, some air travel accessories are a bit new to the scene, but hard to live without. Appearing on the market within the last decade or so, iPads are the jack-of-all trades for onboard entertainment. Having your iPad onboard beats the humdrum background noise of flying, but that’s not all. Here is how to prepare your iPad for a long flight:

  • Download your favorite apps, shows or movies ahead of time so that you have plenty of material to watch.
  • An MP3 player is great, but an iPad is all-in-one, so load up your music and bring on the tunes.
  • Travel Scrabble is a lot easier on your screen. Stay sharp with some word games or strategy-based games onboard with a fellow passenger and make friends on the way to your destination.

Whether you’re catching up on the daily news or playing a game to calm your nerves during the flight, the iPad is one of those air travel accessories that just makes flying easier. Once you arrive at your destination, your iPad can double as a digital or video camera to record and edit important travel moments.

  1. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Some air travel accessories score major points for their comfort-factor, and noise-cancelling earbuds top our list, thanks to their ability to block out crying babies or too-loud conversations next door. If you want true relaxation, make sure you stash a great set of noise cancelling earbuds with you for the flight.

  • Look for earbuds that emphasize great fit and durability if you want to get the most use out of them. Silicone ear tips work well for most.
  • If you foresee making calls at the airport, look for earbuds that have a built-in microphone and well-placed volume control.
  • Read some reviews online and see what earbuds might work best for you at your price point.

Your tunes will sound so much better if you splurge on a great quality set, so choose carefully. Make sure you have your earbuds stowed in an easy-to reach place. We recommend the zippered pocket of your Evolution travel pillow to keep these air travel accessories easily accessible.

  1. Compression Socks

Compression socks are probably the most underrated item on our list. Not only do they keep your feet from sweating onboard, they can help keep your circulation in full working order as well. We love these bamboo compression socks for travel.

  • Cabeau’s bamboo socks are eco-friendly.
  • They reduce swelling during the flight and keep your legs feeling energized.
  • Both men and women can enjoy these socks, which conform to your shape.

If you plan on hitting the gym or being active once you reach your destination, bamboo compression socks can double as great running socks since they are breathable and wick away sweat –– especially in warmer climates.

* * *

Hop aboard your next flight fully prepared with the latest air travel accessories loved by frequent flyers. Whether you’re flying economy or first class this season, explore the Cabeau selection of travel pillows and comfort items to help you stock up for your next long-haul flight!

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