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Picture this: you’ve got your passport and now you’re stepping onto your next flight with all of the essentials. Summer has begun, and you feel ready to take on the world as you snuggle into your assigned seat. As you take off, all you can think of is sandy beaches and a never-ending sunset, but then –– you feel that kink in your neck. Nothing cools down your summer plans like the aches, pains, and stresses of modern travel.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

With sunny days right around the corner, it’s time to stock up with this season’s must have travel items for summer.  Beat the heat and explore Cabeau’s hottest summer travel accessories, sure to have you feeling comfortable and ready on your next big trip. Keep these tips handy as you browse for the hottest summer items to add to your packing list.

  1. The Cool Pillow

Beat the heat and travel neck pain with Cabeau’s Evolution® Cool travel pillow. This cool and lightweight pillow is one of our best-sellers for a reason. The Evolution® Cool provides the most breathable travel experience in any climate. Hitch it onto your carry-on and you won’t even notice it’s there –– until you need it, of course! The Evolution® Cool’s features include:

    • Dual-density memory foam conforms to your shape and keeps you feeling comfortable and supported.
    • Cooling air circulation vents in this pillow are sure to give you a boost when the stress of flying causes you to break out in a hot sweat.
    • This pillow comes with its very own cool travel bag and additional storage pockets for the trip.

The cooling air circulation system and breathability make this one of our must have travel items for summer this year. This is not only a great travel pillow for flying, but for road trips and even camping! Give yourself a big hug on your next trip with support all-round to help you sleep well and feel refreshed upon arrival.

  1. Lightweight Socks

Summer travel also means having the accessories that keep you feeling sweat-free and at your best from top to bottom. When you’re on the move, there is nothing like a lingering foot odor or achey blister to put a damper on your summer plans. That’s why one of our next must have travel items for summer is a pair of travel compression socks.

These innovative socks feature bamboo fabric, which is both moisture-wicking and ultra soft. The bamboo fabric also naturally reduces any odor through anti-microbial properties. Last, but certainly not least, the compression design promotes circulation throughout the legs and feet to prevent discomfort during long flights.

Going barefoot is fun, but when you’re flying –– especially overseas –– give your feet a break and let our bamboo socks help increase circulation flow as you travel. One more added bonus: they make for durable, comfortable running socks!

  1. Block the Sun

Sure, you want to make sure you have plenty of SPF to protect your skin, but next on our list of must have travel items for summer is a different kind of sunblock. Longer days mean more sunlight hours, and you will appreciate some added rest as you to get a few more minutes of shut-eye after a long flight or a late night. Cabeau’s Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask blocks the rays just a little longer so that you feel refreshed. Better than sunglasses, you will enjoy some of these great features on your summer holiday:

    • A custom fit that allows you to choose your preferred level of darkness.
    • Blocking the sun’s rays will help your body produce melatonin.
    • The mask has specially-designed inner eyeliners which prevent your makeup from smudging after a long night out.

Cabeau’s top must have travel items for summer are multi-purpose, and our Midnight Magic Sleep Mask is no exception. Simply grab it and block out the light as you slumber anywhere on your voyage. Summer travel accessories that help you feel refreshed top our list of holiday needs this sease. And, if getting that extra rest sounds good to you, try our next tip too!

  1. Bundle-Up

This may be the only time we tell you to bundle-up for the summer! Pair our Midnight Magic Sleep Mask with a lightweight travel blanket for cooler nights, and you will be set for the start of campfire season. Better yet, be smart and save by picking up both in this convenient travel bundle!

The summer may be sweltering, but s list of hottest summer travel accessories will have you saying “Bon Voyage” to uncomfortable journeys. Our top picks are sure to have you feeling cozy, cool, and comfortable on your next trip, whether you’re headed for tropical climates or somewhere more temperate. Keep our list handy as you shop for Cabeau’s must have travel items for summer today!

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