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Ready to work on your tan? Picture soft white sand, waves and sunscreen. Summer is upon us, and 2018 brings with it some amazing summer travel accessories to help keep you feeling relaxed.

This year, look for bright colors and lightweight items that will allow you to pack even more into your luggage and save on baggage fees. You will be sure to get the most out of your summer with Cabeau’s top must have travel items for 2018. We have you covered for any kind of summer adventure, so start your search for these great items ahead of time.

1. Fantastic Shades

There is nothing like a great set of sunglasses to give your confidence a boost at the beach. Not only do they keep you protected, they have other added benefits too! People-watching is so much more fun under shades, which is why they are at the top of our list of must have travel items. Whether you are at the beach or a small local café, wear your shades to enhance your cool factor and take in the view.

While we’re on the topic of views, there won’t be any more squinting as you squeeze in your morning workout or drive down the coast with the breeze in your hair. Whether you love sporty shades or a more Hollywood look, you will also avoid wrinkles while you show off your style this season.

2. Fabulous Footwear

Now that you have your standout shades, think about how to keep your other extremities covered stylishly too. When you’re travelling, comfort is important. That’s why one of the next must have travel items on our list is a set of great summer shoes.

Although flip-flops are generally accepted as the summer comfort accessory, we recommend you step it up a notch, especially once evening sets in. Strappy looks and bright yellows are making a comeback this year, and for the more athletic-types, grab your lace-ups to transition from beach to trail.

3. The Back-up Shoes!

Some of our 2018 summer travel accessories come in very small packages, perfect to squeeze into your backpack or small beach bag. A day of activity or long summer night out can leave your feet feeling a bit sore, so we recommend this nifty trick!

Pack a set of flats in your beach or workout bag to give your feet a rest on the journey home. We love portable pocket flats and they hardly take up any space at all, making them one of the most versatile must have travel items. If you enjoy nightlife, they can be especially life-saving at the end of an eventful evening!

4. Lightweight Summer Dress

Dresses this season are flowier and brighter than in previous years. One of our must have travel items: the dress. Look to add at least one vibrant piece to your wardrobe for 2018. Picture a dress that you could envision wearing daily. It’s okay to indulge and spend a little more here – a lightweight summer dress will take you from beach to boardwalk and keep you feeling fresh and cool.

When you are making your final summer dress selection, we recommend keeping an eye out for fabrics that won’t wrinkle when you pack. You want to be able to pull out your dress after travelling and put it on right away. Also, check the washing instructions on the label. Make sure your dress will wash simply. Hang-drying is okay, but we recommend sticking with fabrics that you can toss right in with anything else to get the most versatility out of your summer dress.

5. The Big Beach Towel

Our 2018 must have travel items include more than just what we wear. Consider adding the ‘big beach towel’ to your list. You don’t need to compromise on your oversized towel, thanks to the more widespread availability of lightweight fabrics. When you travel, think compact but also consider getting the most out of your baggage space.

Fabrics these days are meant to be moisture-wicking and lightweight, so you can have your big beach towel and spread out on the sand all you want! Look beyond cotton fabrics if you want to skip the bulk in your summer travel accessories this season. Bamboo is a great option and it is more compact, breathable and quick-drying than cotton.

6. Did You Say Bamboo?

And while we’re on the topic of how great bamboo can be, look for other must have travel items made with bamboo fabric. From everyday shirts, to dresses and even socks, active traveller/s should consider bamboo in place of other fabrics that trap moisture and sweat.

If you aren’t sure about the benefits of bamboo, a great place to start is with socks. Give our bamboo compression socks a try to start out. Not only do they keep you comfortable while travelling, but you can also wear them during workouts or just everyday. See how quick-drying they are! It will be hard to go back to cheaper fabrics.

7. Cozy Campfire Blanket and Socks

We think one of the most underrated must have travel items of 2018 is the campfire blanket. Make sure your blanket is lightweight enough to carry with you on short trails or walks to the campfire location, but warm enough to get cozy in on cool summer evenings. We love the Fold ‘n Go Blanket & Case which works for campfires and plane rides, too.

And remember, you don’t have to limit your blanket to the beach –– keep it on hand in your own backyard and you’ll be using your campfire blanket right into autumn. Picture grilling outdoors on cool nights, relaxing with neighbors or visiting in the evening and catching up with friends. Sling it over a chair or keep it in a backyard storage container to pull out and wrap yourself up all nice and cozy when you need to.

8. The Evolution Cool® Travel Pillow

No summer voyage is complete without a travel pillow to keep you comfortable on the journey. One of our must have travel items for 2018 will keep you feeling –– literally –– cooler than others. Finding the perfect travel pillow doesn’t have to be a headache, so grab our Evolution Cool® travel neck pillow for your trip and make sure you arrive at your beachside destination comfortably.

The best part? The Evolution Cool® can be paired with your cozy travel blanket and a bonus eye-mask for travel, to give you the most bang for your travel bucks! Try this great bundle and consider it an added bonus to your summer travel accessories list!

9. Umbrella for Rainy Days

No summer holiday can have perfect weather all the time. Many destinations with tropical-like climates have rainy days too. That’s why we planned ahead when we put together our must have travel items list this year. We’ve learned our lesson to always be prepared –– and there is no better way to be prepared than with a lightweight, compact umbrella for the rainy days.

Don’t let a midday sprinkle disrupt your plans. Pack an umbrella or a poncho to stay dry when the unexpected weather hits.

10. Versatile Pack

Now that you have all your must have travel items, it’s time to organize your summer travel accessories! What better way to fit it all in than with a versatile bag that can go on the flight with you, or be used for everyday adventuring? Choose a pack that is lightweight, compact and features secure zippers and straps to protect your precious belongings.

Once you’re all packed, you’ll be set for your 2018 summer adventure. Whether that means a luxury stay at the beach, ecotourism holiday or business conference trip, let us help you prepare. Keep this list on hand, and remember: summer travel accessories are more modern and lightweight than ever. Get shopping and be sure that these must have travel items are on your packing list! Browse our travel accessories and get a head start on summer 2018!

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