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If sitting for hours in an upright position doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you aren’t alone. Many a frequent flier has passed by the duty free shop and seen stacks of travel pillows meant to help ease the pain of cramped spaces and long waits. Using a travel pillow for neck pain will help you walk off your next flight feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the journey ahead.

But with so many choices, it’s hard to know how to choose the most comfortable travel pillow to suit your needs. Whether you enjoy all the bells and whistles, or are looking for a classic style, let us help guide you to the perfect choice.

The Evolution Cool®

At Cabeau, we know that memory foam is not just for mattresses anymore. Let us show you the ultimate travel pillow for neck pain, with features that will have you wishing you could use it all the time (hint: nothing is stopping you!). The Evolution® Cool travel neck pillow provides the best comfort and quality for the frequent traveller. Enjoy some of these features to make your flight a little piece of heaven:

    • Dual-density memory foam conforms to your shape and embraces you with an even pressure, making this a great travel pillow for neck pain.
    • Included earplugs with cord attached ensure that you will never have to wait for a flight attendant to bring you those extras.
    • Cooling air circulation vents give you a boost when the stress of flying causes you to break out in a sweat.
    • Our deluxe travel bag has pockets to stash extras.

With all of these additional features, you won’t know how you travelled without the Evolution Cool® pillow. The best neck support and cooling air circulation make this one of our favorite picks. Our top-of-the-line features are sure to keep you feeling pampered, even when you aren’t sitting first class.

The Original Evolution®

If you enjoy a more classic style, the Evolution® travel pillow might be the most comfortable travel pillow for a good night’s rest. Enjoy the comfort and style of memory foam without too many frills. This is a stylish and compact travel pillow – perfect for reducing neck pain. Don’t let simplicity fool you – the Evolution® has everything you need:

    • A travel bag makes the pillow versatile for easy travelling.
    • An ergonomic design maintains 360 degree head and neck support.
    • Only the best premium memory foam is used in the core to adapt to your body’s unique shape.
    • A removable and washable velour cover adds softness and luxury.
    • Memory foam earplugs included.

With these features, you can take this pillow anywhere. Did we mention that it comes in several stylish colors for the fashionable traveller? Don’t settle for sore neck muscles – use the original Evolution® travel pillow for neck pain and enjoy every moment of your travels.

The Inflatable Air Evolution®

If the classic Evolution® doesn’t quite fit into your carry-on, our next travel pillow definitely will. Folding up into the size of a soda can, the Inflatable Air Evolution® is perfect for backpackers, hikers, or any traveller trying to squeeze it all in on a quick trip. With these features, you won’t lack for quality in this neck pillow, despite its small size:

    • An adjustable air core makes this our most versatile travel pillow for neck pain.
    • A velour cover means comfort can come in small packages too!
    • The soda can sized air travel pouch makes it easy to pack anywhere.

Why pay extra for a check-in bag? Our Inflatable Air Evolution® travel pillow is both adjustable and packable. It’s so small, you could fit it into your pocket for bus trips, long car rides or even use it for comfort on camping trips or other expeditions closer to home.

The Evo Microbead™

If you need a bit more filling in your neck pillow, try the Evo Microbead™. It’s slightly more breathable than our inflatable version but as a travel pillow for neck pain, it provides a high standard of comfort that suits pretty much everyone. Take a look at some of the features that make this a stand-out comfortable travel pillow:

    • An adjustable microbead core offers a whole new level of support.
    • The breathable lycra fabric makes it easy for you to stay cool onboard.
    • An adjustable toggle makes for just the right fit.
    • A large side media pouch means you can store other personal items safely, such as your cell phone or personal headset.

The Evo Microbead™ might be just the perfect fit for you. But if you still aren’t sure, know that if you aren’t completely satisfied, our 2-year satisfaction warranty will give you confidence that any of our products will last through several journeys. If you are looking for a quality travel pillow for neck pain, don’t settle for a cheaper version that won’t last.

Whether you enjoy extra storage space or more compact capabilities, we have a travel pillow that suits every need and style. Now that you’ve selected the most comfortable Evolution® travel pillow for you, take some time to explore some of Cabeau’s other favorite comfort items to reclaim luxury on your next journey.

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