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Discover the World’s Best Blow Up Travel Pillow

Compact travel gear can be a lifesaver when you need to reduce the bulk in your luggage without compromising your comfort. Let us show you why the Air Evolution® may just change the way you travel. Cabeau’s innovative blow-up travel pillow packs a lot of quality into a soda can-sized pouch, so prepare to be amazed at all this air pillow for travel has to offer.

Travel Light

By far the best feature of the Air Evolution is its compact size and portability. With travel gear shrinking to ever-smaller sizes to cater to baggage limits, it’s no wonder this lightweight pillow is a favorite with frequent fliers. Enjoy the following features:

  • Easy to inflate.
  • Fits inside a can-sized travel pouch when deflated for easy packing.
  • It weighs in at just 4.6 ounces.
  • The pouch changes shape as you stuff it and attaches to anything you have handy.

Sure, it’s small, but does it work? It’s fair to be skeptical of anything blow-up, but travelers agree that the washable velour cover makes the Air Evolution more comfortable than a lot of other travel pillows you will find at the duty-free.

Full Support

Some travelers love a firmer pillow with a bit more support while others prefer more flexibility for movement. The Air Evolution gives you control over the firmness of your pillow more maximum comfort.

  • This blow-up travel pillow adjusts as you inflate so you can make it as soft or firm as you like.
  • With 360 degree support, your head will stay in one place as you snooze.
  • The innovative air core is lightweight but durable.

With a two-year limited warranty, this pillow is sure to last through several trips.

Great Storage Pouches

Worrying about your passport or cards as you slumber doesn’t make for a very restful journey. Many a traveler will admit to hugging their backpack tightly as they sleep, to avoid losing any personal belongings to theft. The Air Evolution lets you rest easy.

  • A media/storage pocket on the side of this blow-up travel pillow is perfectly placed for easy access.
  • The pocket can hold your phone so that you remain hand-free onboard.
  • Or, stow your earbuds, cards, and other personal items.

You can finally stay worry-free on the trip with an air pillow for travel that uses the latest technology to make your sleep better. Shop Cabeau today and arrive at your destination well-rested –– especially when you pair the Air Evolution with an added Midnight Magic Sleep Mask for your storage pouch and try some of these other great comfort items.

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