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There are some gadgets so versatile, they seem destined to cross borders with ease. The items on this list are no exception, but once you are in the know, there is no going back. Worth every penny, these cool travel products are sure to up your travel game to a whole new level.

Cabeau has you covered from head to toe with these cool travel accessories that you never knew you needed.

1. Luggage Locator

First things first: you need to get to your destination and so does your luggage, otherwise, you won’t be enjoying any of the cool travel accessories on our list. Losing your luggage isn’t cool, but it happens. That’s why several options have hit the market to help you track your luggage in transit and offer you the peace of mind that an airline does not. Try Tile Mate or Trakdot to find your lost baggage fast.

2. Luggage Scale

Speaking of luggage, why use guesswork to see if you are under the baggage weight limit? This handy little portable scale displays kilograms or pounds and even includes a built-in tape measure to make sure your baggage dimensions truly meet the size requirements. If your trip includes shopping, you may want to have this one of these cool travel products on hand to see if all those added items are going to come at an excess baggage cost.

3. Inflatable Travel Pillow

Cool travel accessories don’t have to be completely new inventions. Some are classics with a twist, and our Air Evolution® inflatable travel pillow guarantees comfort while still keeping your baggage under the weight limit. Folding into the size of a soda can, the Air Evolution takes a few easy puffs to blow up. With its inflatable core, you can adjust the firmness and stow it anywhere on the go.

4. The Handpresso

There’s a reason everyone in Europe is talking about cool travel accessories like the Handpresso. With just a few pumps, you have your morning coffee. Be the envy of everyone around you as you sip your cuppa joe while others debate the location of the closest coffee shop (or lament the absence of one). It even comes in a handy little set with four cups to help make friends on the road and spread the love.

5. A Teeny Hammock

Cool travel products should enhance your downtime, and what is more relaxing than swinging in the hammock? Picture the most ultralight and extremely packable bed you can get your hands on. Great for the beach, cottage, hiking, waiting for the next train or just hanging out; hammocks these days only set you back about five to ten ounces of packing weight, proof that cool travel accessories can come in small packages.

6. The Fold ‘n Go Blanket

No trip is complete without the perfect travel blanket to help wrap you up in a pinch. Cabeau’s Fold ‘n Go Blanket has you covered when you need an extra layer. Made from luxurious French Microfiber, this 4-in-1 blank can serve as a blanket, seat cushion, back cushion, or pillow –– and easily folds up for convenient carrying. Snuggle up on the plane, in your hammock or in your hotel room with the most versatile blanket out there.

7. Shampoo and Laundry Soap Sheets

You can stop snagging those tiny shampoo bottles from your hotel now. Whoever invented these sheets must have been a frequent traveler, because we can’t live without these cool travel accessories in our pack. Never run around town looking for laundry soap at the last minute again. Don’t worry about being TSA-approved either; these check in or carry on with ease and take up a minuscule amount of space.

8. Cord Organizer

Cool travel products should keep you organized, right? A great compact cord organizer will keep all your cords in one place so that you aren’t rummaging through your bags searching for each cord. You most likely have chargers as well as earbuds and universal adapters when you travel, so why not give them all a special place in these trendy holders? Keeping all your cords stowed neatly together prolongs their life and keeps you feeling a bit more put together.

9. Bamboo Socks

We promised to have you covered head to toe in cool travel accessories, so our Bamboo Compression Socks had to make the list. These eco-friendly unisex socks have a design meant to promote blood circulation and keep your feet feeling dry. They’re especially good for making long, international flights more comfortable on your legs.

10. The Carry on Cocktail Kit

Fancy a real cocktail 30,000 feet above? This carry on cocktail kit set comes with a recipe card, muddler, simple syrup, a coaster and additional ingredients that your flight attendant may not have on hand. These amazingly cool travel accessories fit neatly in your purse or pocket and step in when airline cocktails just don’t make the cut. You will definitely be toasting to the skies with this one, and it makes a great gift for frequent travelers.

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From the quirky-cool gifts to the ‘can’t live without ‘em’ items, these cool travel products will have you jet-setting in style. So be a trendsetter and shop Cabeau today for even more great items that you can’t live without!

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