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Booking a flight for your upcoming trip also means coming to terms with being squished into close quarters with other passengers onboard. You never know what the plane cabin climate will be but rest assured it’s either uncomfortably hot, or the traveler next to you carelessly cranks up their air vent from above and keeps you unpleasantly cold the entire flight.

So, on your next trip, keep a cozy and compact travel blanket close at hand. It’s a great way to finally get some rest while you wrap yourself up from head to foot as you travel. Take a look at these four reasons Cabeau’s expertly-designed Fold ‘n Go Travel Blanket will have you completely covered in comfort on your next trip.

1. It’s Portable

Our Fold ‘n Go Blanket is designed for function, and at Cabeau we know that the last thing travelers want is more bulk to carry. Our ultimate travel blanket comes in a carry case that works for anyone on the move because its detachable straps wrap around luggage for ease of portability. The best part about our design is that your blanket also works as a pillow when packed tightly into its carrying case! The carry case is easy to use and easy to clean, helping you keep those pesky-traveling germs off your blanket.

2. Large & Cozy

Not only is the Fold ‘n Go travel blanket compact, but it also expands to a larger size than the average lightweight travel blanket available at your local duty-free airport shop. At full size, the Fold ‘n Go measures an impressive 60 x 36 inches, meaning complete coverage for even the tallest travelers. It unfolds nicely and is large enough to share with small children or a partner.

3. Soft & Lightweight

Two words that describe our blanket the best: luxurious and soft. Our French microfiber fabric is high-quality and built to last. Say goodbye to scratchy on-board blankets. Even though it’s made to be a compact travel blanket, the Fold ‘n Go packs a lot of softness into such a small package. It will keep you warm anywhere you go.

4. Take it Anywhere

One of the top compliments passengers leave on our review page is in regards to how they use their favorite lightweight travel blanket when they aren’t in the air. From the car to cool summer nights in the backyard, the movie theater, sitting around the campfire, and even just around the house! Fellow travelers love the multi-use wonders of the Fold ‘n Go Blanket.

5. Order Your Fold ‘n Go Blanket Today

With Cabeau’s 2-year satisfaction warranty, rest assured that we believe this compact travel blanket is the best. If you love our Fold ‘n Go blanket already, make sure you browse some of our other comfort items too. Our favorite travel neck pillows and bamboo compression socks may be the difference between an uncomfortable journey or a smooth ride. Shop Cabeau today and travel in style!

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