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Sleep masks have been around for almost a century, yet their design is still ever-evolving. With so many shapes, textures, fillings, and scents infused into each mask, which is best for your sleep during travel? Read on to find out why the Midnight Magic is a top-rated sleep mask used by travelers and staff here at Cabeau.

1. It Fits

Many passengers won’t even try a travel eye mask for fear that the feel of it will decrease comfort. However, you should know that the sleep mask design has changed since the 1930s when this invention was first patented. The Midnight Magic sleep mask is made to fit hundreds of face types. As the first and only sleep mask with a padded adjustable nose bridge, Cabeau’s sleep mask is made specifically for comfort while traveling.

2. Little Features

It’s the little things that make the Midnight Magic our top-rated sleep mask. We know that passengers are used to different sleep features, so adjust as needed and read on for some of Cabeau’s best tips to make your next journey a restful one:

  • Use the mask’s adjustable nose bridge to alter your level of darkness as you take off.
  • Our plush fabric doesn’t catch on hair or leave any lines like elastic band straps on other sleep masks sometimes do.
  • Simple inner curve liners will keep you from feeling too much pressure against your eyes.

We’ve even added the bonus of memory foam earplugs to drown out the noise of your neighbors onboard and ensure a peaceful trip.

3. Enhances Sleep and Rest Onboard

Perhaps you think you’ve already mastered the art of sleep onboard. Wearing a travel eye mask ups the ante a little. Any traveler will tell you that arriving at your destination feeling healthy and refreshed is important. This is especially true when it comes to business trips or important social events. By blocking out the light, our top-rated sleep mask will help your body relax fully and rest easily, no matter how you choose to travel.

4. Take it Anywhere!

Our reviews tell us that many passengers use the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask for more than just air travel. From camping to staying in hostels or a bright hotel room, dozing on a car trip and catnapping at the beach, users have found a plethora of handy uses for our mask!

Order the Midnight Magic Sleep Mask Today

With our 2-year satisfaction warranty, you can be assured that we believe our product has the best design and most unique features on the market. If you love our travel eye mask, pair it in one of our bundles, or pick up some of our other great travel comfort items for an even more restful journey.

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