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Just preparing to be on a plane for over eight hours is draining enough, but knowing what to pack in a carry-on for that period of time is bound to sap energy that you just don’t have. We all know the feeling of the neverending packing list: it seems like no matter how much you plan in advance, it’s hard to whittle it down to something manageable (and sizeable) for a long-haul flight.

At Cabeau, our staff puts a lot of thought into travel necessities for long flights since many of us are frequent fliers ourselves. Why do all the organizing on your own? Let us help you pick and choose what you can’t leave without on your next long-haul flight. As the peak season comes upon us, it is best to have all of your travel necessities ready to go!

Don’t Leave Without…

1. Quality Headphones

For a flight this long, believe us… you do not want to skip the onboard entertainment. Noise-canceling headphones are travel necessities for long flights. While most noise-canceling headphones used to be pricey, it is now easier than ever to find affordable pairs on Amazon. If you forget your earphones, no problem. Most airlines now offer free earbuds to help drown out the noise of the engine and inevitable crying babies. Watching a movie or two can really help the time pass, especially if you happen to be traveling with children.

2. Your Eye Mask

Do not, we repeat do not rely on pulling the window shade down before you sleep to help darken the cabin area. Packed flights during peak season mean that no seat is really guaranteed and you may be at the mercy of your neighbor. Even if you pull the shade down, there are so many personal devices and screens brought aboard long-haul flights, it’s tough to block out the light in all directions. For goodness sakes, keep a sleep mask on hand – if only as a precaution.

3. A Quality Travel Pillow

The key word here is quality. We aren’t talking about a cheap one-use inflatable travel pillow bought at the duty-free. No… do your research. The best travel necessities for long flights are never bought on a whim. We love our own selection of travel pillows (of course) because it’s what we’re good at. From microbeads to adjustable straps, Cabeau really has one for everyone. Take your pick and stuff it in that carry-on! You won’t regret it.

4. Compression Socks and Cozy Slippers

For such a long flight, you’ll need some compression socks to help keep the blood circulating and feet dry and cozy. While you’re at it, invest in some cozy flats or slippers to slide into after you settle into your seat. Wearing shoes or boots in a cramped area for hours on end is not our idea of comfort. The best travel necessities for long flights come in small packages – so research the most compact extra foot coverage you can get your hands on.

5. Compact Travel Blanket

Speaking of being cozy: the days of travel blankets provided onboard are over, and now you’re on your own. That’s why Cabeau came up with the genius idea of creating a full-coverage blanket that could be compact too. Enter, the Fold ‘N Go blanket. Big enough for the tallest traveler, but compact enough to be packed in a carry-on or wrapped around your arm, it’s available in a bundle with Cabeau’s best sleep mask too.

6. Quality Water Bottle

Hydration is never easy when you’re on the move, and we think one of the best travel necessities for long flights is a great water bottle. Choosing a water bottle suitable for the airport and travel isn’t always easy. Look for something lightweight, easily hand-washable and with a clip that can attach to a backpack or purse. Bonus if it looks durable since you’re bound to drop it at some point in cramped airline seats or while towing your luggage.

7. Electronics

Unfortunately, something almost always goes wrong with onboard entertainment. Perhaps it’s an added fee for internet and movies, or you got stuck on a plane with no personal entertainment at all due to scheduling changes. Yes, it’s happened to us, and even compensation from your airline doesn’t make the time on your hours-long flight pass any quicker. Packing your own entertainment with at least a few games or movies downloaded already is one of our travel necessities for long flights – just in case. Bring a lightweight tablet to help you pass the time, if only as a backup.

8. Snacks

Don’t forget the snacks – and the more the better. Bring enough to feed yourself, your neighbors, cranky toddlers, travel companions, and their pets – okay, maybe not pets! You’re bound to make some new friends on board with an ample selection of snacks. Dried fruit, crackers, cookies, jerky, chips, chocolate, and gum are all great options. You can never have too many snacks when embarking on a long-haul flight.

Get Ready to Board!

Love Cabeau accessories for travel? Our award-winning travel pillows, comfort products, and accessories are now available in over 110 countries worldwide. With our 2-year satisfaction warranty, you can be assured that we believe our products have the best design and most unique features for travel.

Now you can travel prepared with Cabeau’s travel necessities for long flights, loved by frequent flyers. Whether you’re flying economy or first class this season, explore Cabeau’s selection of travel pillows and comfort items for your next trip. Have an accessory you love? We would love to hear from you, so comment on our Facebook page.

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