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Better sleep on the go means arriving at your travel destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Once you reach your destination, you may find yourself in an awkward situation with a different bed, strange pillows, and jet lag to boot.

Find out what tricks we use here at Cabeau to help us sleep while traveling. Find that perfect accessory to add to your carry-on to help you drift off on the go and follow some of these simple ideas to ensure that you have a restful journey.

1. Stay Hydrated

Did you know that staying hydrated as you travel can also help you sleep better? If you’re flying, the cabin can be dry and leave your skin feeling zapped of moisture. This causes your skin to feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. (And that certainly won’t help when you are trying to rest.)

There never seems to be enough water as you travel, so take it from our staff – skip the coffee and alcohol and make sure you stock up the day before departure. Before you take off, try to find some coconut water or unsweetened lemonade at the duty-free and then take small sips onboard before you doze so you don’t have to leave your seat too often.

2. Ensure a Smooth Ride

You can’t always control turbulence, but this travel pillow can help. The Evolution® S3 has the ability to attach to most headrests in airplanes and automobiles, making it the best travel pillow to help you sleep while traveling. It even received the 2018 Travel Retail Award in Singapore for its forward-thinking design. The innovative features on this pillow include headrest support straps, adjustability and a range of uses from onboard flights to in a car or train. Just strap it on and enjoy the smooth ride as you snooze.

3. Block Out The Light

Missing your blackout blinds at home? No problem. There are plenty of ways to block out the light on the plane or in your hotel room. The Midnight Magic eye mask is a top-rated sleep mask used by travelers and even by the staff here at Cabeau. We’ve added memory foam earplugs as well, to ensure a restful and noise-free trip. As the only sleep mask with a padded and adjustable nose bridge, our mask is made for sleep while traveling. It’s almost like having adjustable blackout blinds on your flight!

4. Keep Your Exercise Routine

Keeping your regular exercise routine as you travel will help you sleep better at night. If following your regular routine seems like too much for your itinerary, all you have to do is tweak it a little. Walk instead of taking a cab or Uber. Take in the city by foot. If you find yourself in a warmer destination, go for a morning swim or do some yoga on your hotel towel. Even a small amount of regular exercise in the morning can help you sleep well at night.

5. Cozy Up!

Do not underestimate the power of simply feeling comfortable to help you drift off and sleep while traveling. Cabeau’s Fold ‘n Go Blanket wraps you up from head to toe and expands to a larger size than the average blanket. It unfolds nicely to share with children or your travel buddy as you travel. Use it on the flight, in a car, while you’re camping, or for cool nights at the beach. A handy carry-case makes it easy to stow and attach outside your backpack or carry-on.

Want even more comfort? Try our Bamboo Compression Socks. These eco-friendly unisex socks promote blood circulation and keep your feet feeling dry and cozy. It’s easier to catch those zzzs with that all-around comfortable coverage on-the-go.

6. Try Meditation

Sometimes earplugs do the trick, but some of us need a little more of a relaxation routine in order to drift off. Our staff at Cabeau recommend you download a few meditation apps before departure to help your body release some stress and anxiety before trying to sleep while traveling. It’s much easier to relax and snooze just by doing a few breathing exercises before settling in. Some of us use slow music, podcasts, or gentle stretching before departure.

7. Pamper Yourself

After you arrive at your destination, arrange a massage to help work out the kinks of the long voyage. Ask your hotel concierge for recommendations ahead of time to avoid disappointment and keep your itinerary running smoothly. No masseuse in sight? Try taking in a movie, concert, or live-show to escape into your new surroundings and sample local culture. Or, keep it simple and carry a bottle of lavender spray to spritz on your pillow before laying down for the night.

Try Cabeau Now

Reaching that perfect restful sleep while traveling is simple with Cabeau’s tried and tested travel tips and sleep accessories. Our award-winning travel pillows, comfort products, and accessories are available in over 110 countries worldwide. With our 2-year satisfaction warranty, you can be assured that we believe our products have the best design and most unique features on the market.

If you love more than one of our sleep-enhancing products, pair them in one of our bundles, or pick up some of our other great travel comfort items for an even more restful journey. We would love to hear from you about how you were able to use our comfort items on your trip. Leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what helps you sleep while traveling.

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