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Technology really has changed the way we travel. From booking online to showing your boarding tickets on your phone, moving from place to place is easier than ever with the click of a button. But travel sites and apps are changing every day, so keeping up with the latest developments in travel apps isn’t always easy, even for frequent travelers.

At Cabeau, we know travel. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of travel management apps that will help you organize your itinerary, keep an eye on the fluctuation of airline prices, or just straight up provide the travel tips you need (like where you can get a much needed post-flight coffee) when you arrive at your destination. Explore our updated list of the best apps for travel.

1. Hopper

Ah the age-old question: should you buy or should you wait for prices to drop? With Hopper, now you don’t have to roll the dice when you book your next flight. Hopper is for the thrifty traveler looking to book their next flight. The app allows you to ‘watch’ flights and recommends alternate dates, routes, and destinations depending on your needs. With filters that compare multi-stop and one-way trips, Hopper recommends the best airline option for you and the ideal booking window. As far as travel management apps for booking flights go, Hopper is our top pick.

2. Skiplagged

Like Hopper, Skiplagged is an app for the thrifty traveler. With that said, this one takes cheap traveling to a whole new level. Skiplagged helps you take advantage of what are known as “hidden city flights.” You know, the ones where flyers get off on a layover instead of at the final destination. Enter your desired arrival and departure city and Skiplagged shows you the cost of a direct flight vs. a “hidden city flight.” Grab your backpack: you’ll want to stick to carry-on luggage for this one!

3. TripCase

If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive travel management apps out there, this is it. TripCase is more useful than your typical airline app (which you almost certainly already have) since it can manage your entire trip in one easy-to-access spot. Save your hotel bookings, car rentals, tickets to local attractions, and airport maps all in one place. View your total travel time, plane type, and important airline phone numbers to keep on hand in case of lost luggage. Use the app to order an Uber, save your receipts from duty-free shopping, track your luggage, or simply stay organized. Perfect for the business traveler, TripCase is worth a try.

4. TripAdvisor

This one is a classic, but no less relevant than any of the new kids on the block. The main value of TripAdvisor is the sheer number of reviews from travelers who have used the app to book hotels, eat at restaurants, or see popular tourist sites. As far as travel management apps go, TripAdvisor locates restaurants or local amenities close to you, making it even more useful. We’ve rarely been disappointed in a hotel or restaurant boasting great reviews on TripAdvisor. The app can also serve as a “red flag” for accommodations that might be best avoided.

5. Mobile Passport

Why didn’t someone tell you about this before? Nothing is worse than getting off a long-haul flight and having to then scramble to find a pen to fill out your customs form. Now, you don’t have to do that! The great part about Mobile Passport is that it’s free and authorized by US Customs. You can fill out your flight information on your phone when you land, making this one of the most useful travel management apps out there.

With Mobile Passport, you can answer customs’ questions and get an electronic receipt that will last three hours. Once off the plane – it gets better! A dedicated line to Mobile Passport users (usually the same one used by diplomats and airline staff) allows a customs agent to scan your phone and check your passport. The downside? This one is in true ‘start-up’ phase. Only in use at 24 airports, it may become commonplace in the future. We recommend adding your passport and personal information to it, just in case, before you land to make things go even smoother.

6. OpenTable

From travel management to dining travel apps, OpenTable takes it to another level. For the culinary lovers among us, OpenTable is available in several countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, several European countries, Australia, and Japan. We wouldn’t doubt if expansion is on the horizon. Search by location, style of cuisine, or price, and book tables instantly without having to wait in line.

Deep dish in Chicago? No problem. Request your table, browse shops in the area and walk around the block. Then, boot it to the restaurant when you get a text that your table is ready.

7. Currency Apps

There are several currency conversion apps out there that prove useful when you are shopping abroad. Try XE Currency or Easy Currency Converter and plug in the numbers when you go. Ever useful, you can use either of these travel management apps to track your spending in each country, especially on long-haul trips where you may be working in multiple currencies. Make sure you aren’t the victim of a scam as you price check your tourist purchases on the move.

Your phone may be bursting at the seams with travel management apps, but you won’t be disappointed in our list. Next time you jet set to your destination, make sure you keep it on hand as you look for features to help you on the go. Pick and choose a couple, or try them all.

Speaking of great features, try some of Cabeau’s travel accessories on your next flight. Our travel pillows and other comfort items are available in 110 countries worldwide. Hop aboard and feel prepared for your next trip with Cabeau. Have another travel management app you love? Cabeau would love to hear from you. Post a comment on our Facebook page now.

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