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At Cabeau, we strive to design products that make travel better. With the introduction of the Evolution S3® to our line of award-winning innovations, we created the world’s best travel pillow. It’s so amazing, in fact, that it was recently chosen as the Travel Retail Award recipient in Singapore and named as the “Best Travel Pillow” by Buzzfeed Reviews.

This ultimate travel pillow has it all: long-lasting quality, comfort, and versatility. When you break it down, the Evolution S3 scores at the top in each category.

Top Ratings for Quality

The high-quality design and materials used in the Evolution S3 is one reason why it’s one of the world’s best travel pillows. Engineered for comfort and durability, we back all of our Evolution pillows with our limited two-year warranty. Other quality features you’ll enjoy in the S3 include:

  • High-quality memory foam that cushions and conforms to the shape your head and neck.
  • Well-placed pockets to stow valuables, earplugs, and other items safely
  • No loose threads, fading, worn-out fabric or loss of shape.
  • Zippered storage case allows you to take the S3 with you everywhere and keep it looking and feeling like new.

Top Ratings for Comfort

When it comes to the ultimate travel pillow, comfort can be broken down into a few main categories. You’re looking for side and chin support, ease of adjustability and quality of material. The Evolution S3 hugs both sides of your neck as well as supporting your chin. The ingenious built-in headrest support strap technology secures the S3 to your airplane seat –– a patented difference that truly makes this one of the world’s best travel pillows. Additional comfort features include:

  • Every cord and pocket of the Evolution S3 has been added with intention.
  • Quick-dry fabric makes it easy to wash and resist abrasion.
  • The adjustable front clasp is sure to fit any neck size and prevents you from falling forward while you sleep.
  • With an even-distribution support system, you’re sure to feel cool and dry throughout your whole trip.

Top Ratings for Versatility

Since its main purpose is to help you sleep on the go, don’t be surprised if you find yourself using the S3 for more than just air travel. After all, the world’s best travel pillow offers more bang for your buck. Check out some of the other ways travelers have used the Evolution S3.

  • Use your travel pillow on camping trips, whether in tents or RVs. The small size of the Evolution S3, as well as the compact travel bag, make this a great alternative to packing a full-size pillow.
  • Perfect for long car rides! If you find yourself the passenger on a long road trip, bring it along.
  • Long-haul train rides are another great way to use the Evolution S3. Many train seats accommodate the S3 system. You’ll appreciate all the easy-to-reach pockets for your valuables on overnight rides.

From frequent air trips to camping, long car trips, bus, and train rides––even sitting on your couch watching the football game, the Evolution S3 helps you catch those zzzs anywhere you go.

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There is a reason why the Evolution S3 tops the list amongst frequent flyers and novice travelers alike. With quality, comfort, and versatility, you’re sure to see why this is the one travel pillow that stands out from the rest. Visit Cabeau now to shop travel pillows that help you reclaim a bit of luxury when you’re on the road or in the air, and find the ultimate travel pillow that works just for you!

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