Get Global Entry to Breeze Through Customs and TSA Checkpoints

With summer travel right around the corner, TSA and Customs lines are only going to get longer. Before you sign up for TSA Pre-Check we wanted to make sure you were aware of how to apply for Global Entry—the key to a smooth airport experience if you are international traveler.

Global Entry

Global Entry gives you everything TSA Pre-Check offers plus the benefits of flying through the international travel requirements for only $15 more. In a nutshell, Global Entry allows you to pass through customs quickly, avoid long wait times, and forgo the paperwork. After an international trip, all you need to do is visit a Global Entry Kiosk where your passport and fingers are scanned and you make a customs declaration. Learning how to apply for global entry can save you time and frustration. It’s as easy as self-checkout at the grocery store!

Let Your Credit Card Pay for It

There are a few different travel rewards credit cards that include the fee coverage for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry membership as part of the card benefits. Typically the fee is $100 to submit a global entry application for five years. The following credit cards are not only great travel rewards cards, but they also take care of that very fee.


Nexus is the Canadian version of Global Entry. Nexus allows members to pass through customs at specific northern border points of entry, Canadian pre-clearance airports, and at marine reporting locations. The Nexus application fee is only $50 per adult, children are free until they are 18, and you can quickly pass through Canadian borders by car—a big advantage of Nexus. The application process is almost identical to Global Entry however; there are only a select amount of enrollment centers in the US.

We don’t want you to settle for anything less than a stress-free trip so we definitely give the thumbs up and encourage you to learn how to apply for global entry – and don’t forget to make your trip even more comfortable when you travel with a few Cabeau comfort products!

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