Want To Win Some Comfort Like Krista Masterson Just Did Today?

Father's Day4Enter our Father’s Day Sweepstakes for your chance! Just click on this link to enter. Every day from now until June 15th (Father’s Day), we’re giving a free Memory Foam Evolution® Pillow and 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter. You can enter every day until midnight June 15th, and you can win more than once. We’re also offering free shipping on all Cabeau.com orders over $60!

At Cabeau, we strive to make travel easier and more comfortable for all travelers, so even in coach class you feel like you’re in First Class! Praised the world over as “the travel pillow that actually works,” our memory foam Evolution Pillow molds to your preferred head and neck position, putting an end to stiff necks, bobbing heads, and cramped, uncomfortable sleeping positions.

And for international travelers, our lightweight and compact Universal Travel Adapter works in over 150 countries, saving you valuable bag space and sparing you the hassle and expense of buying different adapters for every country you visit.

Good luck in our Sweepstakes and Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Cabeau! To learn more about our entire line of comfort travel products, please visit our website, www.cabeau.com.

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