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Leading Travel Comfort Brand Blocks Sales of Infringing Products by Manufacturers

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 26, 2018) – Cabeau, a leader in travel products available in more than 110 countries worldwide, succeeded in blocking imitations of its patented, awardwinning Evolution® Pillow from being sold by two Chinese manufacturers, Dongguan Powerful Health Sports Co., Ltd and Xiamen Ikungfu Sports Goods Co, Ltd. Cabeau filed lawsuits in both instances, establishing that both companies infringed upon its patented pillow design.

After months of litigation, both infringers agreed to settle the cases, agreeing to mediation terms with Cabeau including an admission of infringement, destruction of the knockoff products and tooling used to create those products, pay Cabeau an undisclosed sum of damages, and formally apologize, with the acknowledgement that further infringement of Cabeau’s intellectual property would result in a liquidated damages penalty.

Cabeau creates innovative travel accessories that set the bar for quality and superior craftsmanship. The company dedicates significant efforts to developing, testing, and merchandising its widely recognized products. Cabeau is committed to quality and originality. It is of the utmost importance that the company’s innovative assets are carefully protected under intellectual property laws.

“When we launch a new product, we go to great lengths to ensure that the product is original and of the best quality for our valued customers,” said David Sternlight, founder & CEO of Cabeau. “We stand behind our carefully crafted products, and for this reason we will always work tirelessly to protect the market from the distribution of lower quality lookalike products.”

Headed by Troy Grabow, Cabeau’s Intellectual Property department rigorously monitors and investigates products that violate the company’s registered design patents and intellectual property around the world. The excellence and originality of Cabeau’s award-wining product designs will continue to be fervently enforced by the company under its intellectual property rights. For more information on Cabeau and the Evolution Pillow, please visit

About Cabeau

Cabeau creates exceptional and affordable travel products for all of life’s journey’s. What started with the Evolution® Pillow has now evolved into a smart assortment of solution-driven products. Cabeau’s award-winning travel pillows, comfort products, and accessories, which turn every trip into a first-class experience, are available in over 110 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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