Alex Vorissis

Headshot of man posing against purple background

Alex Vorissis is the voice of financial reason in the Cabeau family. He puts the brain and brawns behind every financial game plan, enhancing forecasts and reporting systems from start to finish. A veteran in the finance field, Alex brings strong financial and operational leadership to Cabeau. In his book of bright ideas, there are plenty of ways to manage our dollars for the most affordable impact on consumer lifestyles. Alex inspires the team to pursue new waves of optimization, growing our mission of Travel Made Better from the inside out.

Fortunately for Cabeau and our traveling friends, Alex already has a running start. He was born and raised in Greece before opportunity called him to California’s southern shores. Since then, Alex has seen the world, transforming company finance cultures for nearly two decades. Alex is a family man through and through. He takes pride in leading teams towards financial victory, but he’s even more proud to see his kids excel in their education endeavors.