Benz Ismail


Benz Ismail, no relation to the Mercedes Benz, is the Director of Supply Chain and Logistics here at Cabeau.

First and foremost, Benz joined the squad because she knew she was joining an all-star team that aims to bring quality products to the travel world.

According to Benz, “Innovation is the game changing value added proposition that transforms the way we think, live and see the world.” That’s some deep stuff right there.

From beaches you only see on the back of a postcard to restaurants you only read about in magazines, Benz is a bit of a world traveler. Despite being a major tourist herself, she doesn’t like to go anywhere with tourists!

And her two biggest hobbies? Exploring and learning. From spontaneous trips to unfamiliar cities to trying a hip, new organic coffee shop: she’s a walking case of FOMO for the rest of us.

Around the Cabeau office, you might find Benz simply trying to make a positive impact or just bringing a unique perspective to the lunch table. She lives a perfect work-hard/play-hard lifestyle, and attributes her success all to her mom and the way she raised her.

We’re happy she raised a winner, too.