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Backed by 10-years of science-based engineering and unwavering customer loyalty, Cabeau goes beyond travel and leisure, becoming an integral part of daily life. Recommended as the world’s #1 neck pillow by Dr. Neil Ghodadra, renowned orthopedic surgeon to professional athletes, Cabeau addresses the primary cause of neck pain: cervical spine alignment.

These are a few of the most common customer recommendations for the award-winning Evolution neck pillow line.

Good Game, No Neck Pain

Evolution Cool gives you the competitive edge by reducing fatigue, preventing gamer neck and improving focus. Never let them see you sweat.

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Netflix® and Chill

A marathon binge doesn’t need to end with a strained neck! Every happily ever after starts with Cabeau in the best supporting role.

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The Ergonomic Office

Evolution S3 seat straps ensure heads don’t roll at work or the home office, thus eliminating one pain in the neck.

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Pet Care and Safety

Pets love us! Cabeau neck pillows provide a less stressful alternative than plastic cones to prevent pets from licking old wounds.

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Traditional Sleep Aid

Cabeau’s superior orthopedic design stabilizes the head and spine to reduce sleep apnea and silence snoring for sweet dreams.

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Riding in Cars

Backseat driver or shotgun – the journey’s more pleasurable when you take Cabeau along for the ride.

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Self-Care and Spa Days

Pamper yourself with Cabeau pillows during your mani-pedi with friends, getting a massage or taking a restorative soak in the tub.

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Best Travel Pillow

Regardless how you get there, Cabeau ensures you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you arrive rested without that travel fog.

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Sunbathing or Star Gazing

Whether catching some rays or reading the stars, Cabeau pillows cradle either your face or head in cloud-like comfort.

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